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Ducky Towel

February 14, 2010

Kalyn has never become particularly attached to a specific blanket, doll, or stuffed animal. She’s had favorites, but never anything that she had to have to go to bed. So, it is a little funny that in the past couple weeks she has become extremely attached to her “ducky towel.” This particular towel was a shower gift from Marinda (my sister in law) which she made by sewing a hand towel hood onto a bath towel.

Kalyn loves the ducky towel and usually sleeps with it. If she has it she will cry if you try to take it away, even if we are about to leave somewhere. If she sees it when she gets into the bath she usually wants to have it in the bath with her, meaning we now tend it keep it around the corner instead of in the bathroom while she is bathing. She even asked for it in the middle of the night a couple times (before all she has asked for is her pacifier).

In this picture you can see Kalyn sleeping with her head hooded in her ducky towel. When I put her down I just kind of laid it on top of her, so she wrapped it around herself before she went to sleep.

Some Pictures

June 4, 2009

Here are some pictures from some things we’ve done lately. We went camping up by Payson Lakes last week.  This past Saturday Kalyn went swimming for the first time.  This week we’ve been doing mom & tot swimming lessons.  Kalyn is still a little bit nervous about the water, but is getting better.

I am not living in a cave

January 21, 2009

Due to some common misconceptions that have been expressed (both publicly and privately) that the office is a place of dim gloominess overrun by bats, spiders, and horrible mutants, I thought it was time to post a few pictures of the cubicle and the area around it. It is actually very nice and I am planning on moving my two plants there to green up the shelf and because little miss Kalyn will eventually get them and they will die. Everything is going fine and I enjoy work.

I hate my new computer! (at work)

January 5, 2009

So the new laptop I got today at work had windows on it.  I’ve been running OSX on my home built computer now since around a month before the baby was born 10 months ago or so. I’ve run all sorts of Linux flavors, XP, Vista, but NONE OF THEM had fewer daily annoyances than OSX.

True, there are incredibly stupid behaviors that are annoying (no cut and pasting of files in the finder. . . HELLO!!!!), but there are still few enough issues that I can easily say it is a cut above.  Throw into that the BSD based kernel and subsystem, a huge slew of powerful development tools, nice and clean utilities for doing all sorts of useful stuff, the best of open source and commercial apps working on one system, and . . . well, you get the picture. OSX needs some serious work to speed up its poor memory management, but most people don’t care about that. Linux based systems came close, but the lack of a clean GUI and consistent behavior between applications just caused annoyances.

So today as I worked to set up my windows based computer, I became increasingly more and more frustrated with stupid pop-up messages, bad GUI design, and just plain stupidity that I sunk more and more into despair.

By the time I was home, Katie kept asking me why I seemed so sad. We talked for a bit, and I realized that I have now become a Mac bigot. I like OSX because it works with little annoyance, and has consistancy throughout. I am not one of those fanboys that are illustrated so nicely in this amazing video I saw today. I will be happy to switch to something better when it comes along, but until then I will stick with OSX. I am not an idiot mac fanboy. I just get annoyed with stupid problems on other systems and get more work done with less hastle on OSX.

Steve Jobs is an idiot. There need to be more ports on laptops so people can actually use them for work without adding extra “accessories” just to plug in all the stuff I need to do my job. His ideal product would be a solid brick of plastic with no buttons, ports, or plugs.  Enjoy the video. I did. 🙂

PS – this website is being served by my hackintosh

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2008

We had a great Thanksgiving! We got to have a large dinner with the extended Wessman family. They even had it at a ward building, it was so big. 🙂

Tim is grateful for his baby. Katie is grateful Tim & Kalyn and the gospel.

And Kalyn is grateful for her first tooth! I discovered it had come through when she chomped on my finger during the blessing for Thanksgiving dinner.

She has not been fussy the past few days, except when she ate, when she seemed to eat a lot less than normal. I was starting to get worried, but it all makes sense now.

Our little baby is growing up.

10 Reason Why Tim Is/Will Be A Great Dad

June 8, 2008

It is Tim’s first father’s day, and to celebrate I thought I’d share what makes Tim a great dad. Here are 10 things, in no particular order.

1. He loves to teach.

Whether it is dancing, using a computer, or another of his talents, Tim really enjoys teaching other people how to do things.  He’s patient and is willing to really help people get things right.  Tim will enjoy teaching our kids all the cool stuff he knows how to do.

2. He loves to learn.

When I have a random thought on the order of I wonder how, why, when, etc., it seems like half the time Tim knows the answer.  If he doesn’t know the answer then he usually looks it up.  Tim is going to be great at encouraging our kids to get excited about learning.

3. He loves me.

President David O. McKay said, “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”  I first heard that quote from Tim when we were talking about how to be a good parents.  Tim loves me and is a great husband.

4. He’s a big kid himself.

Tim loves to play.  He likes to tease and joke around.  I think this is an important attribute for dad to have, because life as a kid is hard and it’s important to be able to joke around.  It’s good to encourage kids to have fun.

5. He enjoys making things.

Tim loves to make stuff, whether it is a shelf or a data collector or an airplane.  Someday he will love to make stuff with kids, whether it is play house or a toy or a fort.  And, those will be the best built forts in the neighborhood. 🙂

6. He’s adventurous.

I’m not adventurous, so it’s great that Tim is.  Tim enjoys visiting places or doing things that I probably wouldn’t do on my own.  Someday Tim is going to have lots of great adventures with our kids.

7. He’s committed to being a good dad.

Tim really wants to be a good dad.  He has often expressed to me that he feels it is the most important thing.  Sometimes it takes practice, but since Tim is committed he will keep working at it until he gets it right.

8. He loves to brag about his baby.

Tim loves to tell everyone how Kalyn is the smartest, cutest baby ever. He really is proud of her and enjoys watching her learn and grow. It is great that he is so involved and so encouraging of her, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

9. He’s patient and forgiving.

Tim is patient where it counts.  When I make a mistake he might tease me, but he never gets angry about it.  If I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed he’s very supportive about it.  Tim is going to be able to deal really well with little kids who are always making mistakes.

10. He’s committed to teaching the gospel.

Tim really wants to teach our kids to love the gospel.  Tim has expressed many times that he feels it his duty to lead our family in the gospel. He also sets a great example in the way he stands firm on what he knows is right.

Tim is great. I love him so much! Happy Father’s Day!

Kalyn’s Pacifier

June 3, 2008

We decided we really wanted to get a new digital camera that can make quality videos.  So we got a new camera that also records high quality videos.  We’ve mentioned quite a bit that the baby will suck on anything but a pacifier.  Katie today make a few videos, and then a few more, and then decided to edit them. . . and well. . . it kind of got out of hand.  Hope you enjoy it!

If you’d like a larger, high quality version you can right click and save it here.

Tim’s Plastic Project

March 18, 2008

Tim is making a thermoform mold.  This mold is to make it easy to pack and ship DC50s without a bunch of excess shipping material.  Right now I am joining the particle board.  Once done, I will smooth everything out with the sander.  Then using heat, sheets of plastic are vacuum formed onto the surface and cooled to form a nice shaped packing thing.  I will put up a video once it is done.


Katie and I are unlucky!

March 18, 2008

So I bought a chicken when it was one sale a week or two ago.  We’ve roasted  maybe 2 or 3 chickens in our wedded life.  I saved the wishbone and we broke it last week.

Unfortunately, neither of us got the top part.

We pulled it, and it cracked about 3/4 up each leg.  The top part flew off and spun somewhere in the kitchen.  We haven’t been able to find it yet. . .

So niether Katie nor I got our wish.  :-(

Kalyn Goes to the Doctor and Some Fun Videos

February 26, 2008

Today Kalyn had her first trip to the doctor.  Everything went well and she is already just about back to her birthweight.  Normally doctors give them two weeks to get back up there.  She is one healthy baby.

Talking about babies, I also enjoyed watching this video clip about Anne Geddes.  It warmed my baby-filled heart.  I wasn’t aware she was such an activist for preventing child abuse.

And, last but not least this may be the cutest video I have seen in a long time, and I’ve seen a few.  Then again, I am a nerd married to a nerd so you may not agree.