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Our Epic December Vacation

January 2, 2011

In December we took an epic trip that spanned more than three weeks and eight states.

First, we went to Redding where we visited my family and we saw Eliza in the Madrigal Dinner. We have some photos from that, but they are all on Tim’s phone. It was so much fun to go back and see the Madrigal Dinner, with my baby sister all grown up!

After a little under a week in Redding, we took a trip up to Seattle/Bainbridge Island where we visited with Garret and Jill Gibbons. It was so much fun to visit! Garrett and Jill have two kids, Dylan (who is a few months younger than Kalyn) and Wesley (who is a few months younger than Garrett, and whose name is also Garrett, although he goes by his middle name). They had lots of fun playing together (most of the time anyway) and we enjoyed visiting beautiful Bainbridge Island and Seattle.

Next we came back and visited with the family for Christmas. We spent a lot of time hanging out and playing with new Christmas presents. We did manage to make one trip to Turtle Bay Museum in Redding, which was a lot of fun for Kalyn.

Partly in an effort to avoid the storms that were spread across the West, we drove down to St George to visit Tim’s family and stopped at Death Valley along the way. Death Valley was great, with some lovely and fascinating views and balmy warm weather (it was in the 60s on the valley floor). We then got to hang out in St George with Tim’s parents and cousin Natalie.

We drove back on New Year’s day. It was great how empty the roads are early New Year’s morning, but we made up for it by being stuck in a huge traffic jam heading through the canyon back into Denver. We think it was probably made up of people heading back into Denver from the ski resorts. Now we are home. It has been a long trip but we feel like it was a huge success!

This video is of a fire demonstration at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. There are two babies who start crying, and one of them is Garrett. Kalyn actually sat and watched the whole thing, which means it must have been fascinating.

On our last day on Bainbridge Island we drove over to Dungeness Wildlife Reserve and saw the spit there. The best thing was it was raining all morning, but about ten minute before we got there the rain cleared up and we were able to go for a little hike to see the water in the sun.

Living in a hotel can be fun. Here is a sample of what that life was like…

This is Kalyn and the turtle at Turtle Bay museum. Listen for her saying “the turtle is my best friend” right at the end of the video.

As we were packing my mom, Jeanne, and Grandma Honey gathered for an impromptu concert while Kalyn provided accompaniment.

Kalyn LOVED playing in the sand dunes at Death Valley. She was covered in sand by the time we got back to the car.

Here are the photos. There should be captions that tell you more about the photos.

An Update

October 3, 2010

Sorry it’s been so long since our last update! We are still keeping plenty busy here in the Wessman house.

Kalyn has started taking preschool, a 1 hour class three times a week. She loves it! It’s a pretty simple class just for the 2 1/2-3 year olds. They sing songs, read books, paint pictures, and run around in the gym. You can see Kalyn’s first “homework” in the pictures. We made a T-shirt with pictures of all her favorite things on it, which was designed to help her introduce herself to her class.

Lately Kalyn’s favorite thing to do is to dress up and play pretend. She got a ballerina skirt for Christmas last year from Aunt Rebekah that she has worn pretty much non stop for the past couple months. She also enjoys dressing up as a dinosaur, a princess, a butterfly, a bat, a bee, a cat, and whatever else she can imagine. Her default animal, though, is a frog. It’s kind of funny when she gets into trouble for jumping around or being excessively rambunctious (usually involving her baby brother) she becomes a frog. Often she recruits Mommy to dress up with her, which makes for double the fun.

Before her dress up and play phase Kalyn was in love with puzzles for several weeks. She still enjoys puzzles, but for a while that was all she wanted to do, all day long. We are quite impressed with her prowess at puzzles – with a little practice she can put a 48 piece puzzle together all by herself.

Garrett has learned to crawl. He loves to explore! Whenever he sees something interesting he does whatever he can to grab it, which keeps Mommy on her toes.  He is not as speedy as Kalyn, but he makes up for it in grabbiness. The thing that Garrett finds most upsetting, other than getting hurt, is having some interesting thing he has managed to get a hold of taken away from him.

Garrett’s current favorite activity, though, is pulling up to standing on every available person or piece of furniture. While he is intent on climbing up whenever possible, he has not yet learned to get himself down. This means there is a lot of climbing up then crying for Mom or someone to help him get down. This is also is keeping Mom very busy. 🙂

Kalyn and Garrett are starting to develop a real relationship with each other. Sometimes this takes the form of fighting for possesion of some favorite toy (the weekly free balloon we get at the grocery store is one common item). Sometimes, though, this means giggling as they growl at each other or take turns jumping up and down.

As I am writing this I realized that I have not posted since Garrett learned to crawl, and I don’t think that is a coincidence! I have two awesome children who keep me very busy and I am lucky to be their Mom.

Last weekend Tim and I also got to attend HHC2010 (aka: the calculator conference) which was a lot of fun, and included a tour of NOAA and NIST. We got to see the Denver National Weather Service station, the Space Weather Observatory (where they keep an eye out for solar storms), their science on a sphere demonstration (which is much more interesting than it sounds), some laser thing (which is the only thing I saw where I didn’t understand what was going on), and where they are working on building quantum computers. It was a great trip and I was so glad I got to go. They will be posting a collection of pictures from the conference, which I will be sure to share with you once it is up.

I hope you enjoy this random collection of pictures. We haven’t had as many exciting trips lately now that summer is over, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t as busy as ever!

Garrett is 4 Months Old

June 19, 2010

Garrett turned 4 months old Wed and we had his checkup Thursday. I though you all might to hear how he’s growing. He weighed in at 15 lbs 14 oz, which is the 75th percentile for his age (down from the 85th percentile last time). He is 25 1/2 inches long also in the 75th percentile (up from 50th percentile last time). His head circumfrence is 16 1/2 inches at 45th percentile (about the same).

Garrett is a busy little boy. He is very interested in toys and grabbing things. Last night I was holding him in my lap while eating rolls for dinner and he kept trying to grab my roll and eat it. He got pretty close a couple times. 🙂 He is very close to learning to roll over onto his tummy – he gets very close and just needs to learn to swing his legs over. He’s a very happy, smiley baby most of the time and so much fun!

Kalyn is doing great, as well. Right now she is very interested in insects. We often have a few ants exploring by our back door (we can’t seem to get rid of them but they’re really not a big problem – there’s hardly ever more than a handful) and she loves to pick them up and have them crawl on her hand. We have a community garden plot and she loves to see all the bugs while she is there. She also was in a “Curious Twos” class (a 1 hour class a couple times a week for 2 year old with art and songs and stuff) and the theme for the 2 weeks she was in was insects, so she had a lot of fun with that.

A Kite Festival & The National Grasslands

May 16, 2010

A few weeks ago Fort Collins had a genuine kite festival! It was a big success with lots of people. Tim had a ton of fun and met lots of other kite fliers. Kalyn flew her very first kite, which she made herself. In the video she is trying to make her kite do tricks like Daddy’s.

A couple weeks later we went to the Pawnee National Grasslands. We have never driven around grasslands before… and there was definitely a lot of grass. And cows. And not much else. We were going to do a little hike, but when we got there it was super windy and too cold, so we just took some pictures. We got to see the grasslands, though, which is why we went.

There are also some adorable pictures of my adorable children. Garrett continue to grow and get stronger all the time. He is a happy, active, and alert baby, just like his sister was. Kalyn is learning more and more and enjoys exploring her world. The last couple pictures are from Kalyn trying to put mascara on her face.

I hope you don’t get the idea from our pictures that we let Kalyn run amuck and do whatever she wants. It’s just, when she does something cute I want to preserve it for posterity, and for me because I will probably forget.


February 16, 2010

Almost time to push!

Washing the Fishies

January 24, 2010

This evening I was enjoying a quiet moment on the computer when I had this sequence of thoughts: “It’s so nice to sit for a minute, I’m glad Kalyn is entertaining herself over there. In fact, she is being too quiet, that means she is probably up to something. I should probably look and see what she is up to. But it’s so nice to sit here in ignorance. Whatever it is can’t be that bad, I can see that she is right there. I’ll just sit here for another minute…”

When Kalyn started saying “Wash fishies” I knew I had to investigate, and this is what I found…

Snow in the Rocky Mountains

January 3, 2010

Yesterday we took a little trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s always a lovely drive, and the park is so pretty in the snow.  We went to the sledding hill in the park, but unfortunately it really wasn’t much of a hill.  That was okay, though, because Kalyn was much more interested in playing in the snow then sledding, anyway.  It was fun to spend time together.

In the video you can see how Kalyn was enjoying climbing up the snow drift on the side of the warming hut.  You can also see how silly I looked.  Since we aren’t about to spend a bunch of money on maternity snow gear, I was stuck wearing the biggest coat we have.  I looked like a great big shapeless marshmallow. But, I was warm!

Just a note – if you enjoy reading our posts go ahead and leave a comment! It lets me know people are actually reading the blog, and it’s fun to read what other people have to say.

Just Like Daddy

January 3, 2010

One of my favorite things that Kalyn does right now is imitating Mommy & Daddy.  The other day Tim was working on a calculator upstairs when Kalyn, completely on her own, went all the way downstairs and grabbed another calculator, and then came back and sat next to Tim and pushed buttons. It was extremely cute.

On a related note, after much practice Kalyn is now able to say the word “calculator” correctly.

A Trip to Denver

December 29, 2009

Since Tim has the week off, today we took a trip down to Denver to see some sights.

First, we went to see the Butterfly Pavilion, which we really enjoyed. They actually have quite a wide variety of displays, and it is cool to be able to get so close to the butterflies. It’s also very warm, and a great place to go if you want to Kalyn had a blast seeing all the different insects, butterflies, and especially the turtle. She even loved the spiders and cockroaches, which Mommy was not so enthusiastic about.

Second, we went to the Denver Aquarium, which we didn’t like as much. The Aquarium was high on flashy entertainment but low on education and science. The most annoying thing was that in each area they seemed to just have one big tank where all the fish wandered about, so it was very difficult to find out what kind of fish you were looking at because the sign was never by the fish. The displays were all beautiful, and there was some pretty cool stuff (such as simulation of a flash flood, and a couple of tigers), so it’s not a complete waste of time. However, if you’re looking for a traditional aquarium where the emphasis is on learning about a large variety of fish, this is probably not the place.

Kalyn still enjoyed it though! The theme of the day was definitely turtles, and every time she saw one she got especially excited. She also enjoyed looking at the fish and different sea creatures. She got a little scared by a snapping turtle that startled her, but the thing that really scared her were some scuba divers in a tank at the aquarium. They tried to interact with her, and waved her to come over, but she would have none of it.

Afterwards we stopped to visit with Aunt Carol and Uncle Doug for a while, and Kalyn got to run around and cause general havoc with her second cousin Amaya. All in all it was a very exciting day and Kalyn thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2009

We had a lovely Christmas today. To celebrate, yesterday we went sledding for a little bit in the snow. Then in the evening we had a fire and we talked about the story of Jesus using Kalyn’s nativity set. Today we spent the day together, opened presents, and had a family dinner.  Here are some pictures. The video is of Kalyn enjoying some Christmas cookies on Christmas eve and enjoying her new scooter bike today.