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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2008

We had a great Thanksgiving! We got to have a large dinner with the extended Wessman family. They even had it at a ward building, it was so big. 🙂

Tim is grateful for his baby. Katie is grateful Tim & Kalyn and the gospel.

And Kalyn is grateful for her first tooth! I discovered it had come through when she chomped on my finger during the blessing for Thanksgiving dinner.

She has not been fussy the past few days, except when she ate, when she seemed to eat a lot less than normal. I was starting to get worried, but it all makes sense now.

Our little baby is growing up.

Baby Gift Guide

November 26, 2008

Okay, so I’m not sure if I should write this or not because it is kind of tacky.  But, since we’re probably going to get a dozen emails or calls anyway it just makes sense to put this information in a central place where people can go back to get it.

Introducing: the baby gift guide!

Right now Kalyn is wearing Carter’s size 9 months and Old Navy size 6-12 months.  Most other brands she is in around 6-9 months, although of course there is a wide variance between brands.  She still has some room to grow in these sizes, so if you want her to fit into it at Christmas you should probably stick to this size.  If you want her to grow into it you should probably go for size 12 months, which I’m guessing she’ll be able to wear in February and really fit into about March.

Kalyn can always use cute clothes, but she especially could use pants that go with everything (like jeans) and footed pajamas.  Especially footed pajamas, as it is getting colder and when she is in bed working on going to sleep her first order of business is usually taking her socks off.

Now that she’s starting to learn to walk she also could really use some shoes, especially softer shoes for new walkers like Robeez.

Right now I’m trying to build up her collection of board books.  She also loves stuffed animals at this point.  We’re all for the educational toys. 🙂

Tim and I are not particularly wanting or needing anything, but if you are having a hard time deciding a good gift may be a toy or something for a child not as blessed as our baby, given in our name.

Thanks for everything!  I hope this wasn’t too tacky.  Have a great Thanksgiving and Holiday season!

Mission Accomplished

November 23, 2008

This weekend we went to Fort Collins in order to find a place to move into in December.  We trekked far and wide, visiting at least 15 different places.  There were some hard choices to make, but eventually we decided on a place we felt outshined the rest.  Woohoo!

We are very pleased with our new place.  It is pretty new and very well built.  There is room for us and an office and the baby and more!

Now all we have left is lots of moving.  Also, we’re selling most of our old furniture in case you’re interested.  I am not excited about the moving part, as it always ends up being very stressful, but I’m hoping since we have lots of time we’ll be able to be very organized and stretch out the hard stuff a bit.

About the pictures: The first picture is of Kalyn in the playground at the airport in Salt Lake.  The second picture is of her looking out the window on the plane.  It was funny to see how much she loved looking out the window as we were taxiing to the runway.

The next pictures are of our lovely new home.

On Saturday after we got the lease signed we drove down to Denver, where the zoo was having a free day.  We only had enough time to see a small part, but the baby still enjoyed it quite a bit.  Then we had dinner with Aunt Carol and Uncle Doug and family.

On Sunday we were wanting to go to our new ward, but the web site said the time was too late for us to go and get to our plan on time.  So, we went to another ward for Sacrament Meeting… only to find out our ward had just changed the meeting time and we could have gone there anyway!  We did get to meet with our new bishop who seems to already be planning callings for us.

We are in the Denver airport

November 23, 2008

We are on our way home. I just wanted to make a post using the iPod touches Katie and I got a few weeks ago. I am actually surprised how well they work. We’ve been using them for all sorts of little things like responding to an email in a restauraunt, find a bank location as we were looking for a place in fort Collins, and so on. While I don’t think they are perfect, they do set a higher standard that hopefully other manufacturers will strive to reach and then pass. Anyway, we are having fun and the baby is getting really good at moving her legs.

Our New Place in Ft Collins

November 23, 2008

We found a place.  Katie will be posting pictures sometime, but I have put up the google street view.  It is the second from the right in the group of 4 townhouses in the green building.

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Laughing Baby

November 19, 2008

For a while I have been wanting to get a video of Kalyn laughing because it is so cute! And, I want to document for the future when she grows out of her cute little baby laugh.  So, finally, here is a video I took yesterday of Kalyn giggling away.

She also grabbed the lanyard on the camera a couple times, so that is why the camera starts jerking around at random points.

Nine Months Old!

November 18, 2008

Kalyn is nine months old today.  It has been a very busy month for her.

Kalyn is moving fast towards walking.  She now can walk quite speedily along furniture.  She also is starting to try to stand on her own, although she usually only is able to do so for a few seconds.  She also is starting to launch herself forward from standing to close objects.

Kalyn LOVES stuffed animals and animals of all kinds.  A few days ago we went to the farm country at Thanksgiving Point and Kalyn had a lot of fun seeing the different animals there. Once in a while we also will let her watch short clips of animals on you tube and she gets very excited.

She is expanding the foods that she eats quite a bit.  Sometimes when she is in a bad mood she will still refuse to eat anything but cereal, but most of the time she will eat pretty much anything.  Especially paper.

We went to the doctor today and she is 16lbs 10 oz and in the 15th percentile for weight.  She is pretty small compared to other babies her age that we see. She is definitely very healthy though as she is very active and ahead of the curve on most milestones.

One of her favorite games lately is to pull everything out and off.  In the front room she has a bunch of toys in baskets on a shelf and she will first take everything off the shelf and then empty all of the baskets piece by piece.  Then she looses all interest in the toys until you put them back on the shelf for her take off again.

Her favorite things to play with right now is anything new (of course) and board books and stuffed animals.

We taught her to wave good-bye.  She doesn’t do it every time, but most times she will give a little wave if you wave at her and say “good-bye” or “goodnight.”   It is so fun to see her responding to cues like that.

She has gotten much better at going to sleep on her own.  If we make sure she gets lots to eat during the day she will sleep almost through the night.

It’s getting very difficult to take pictures of her because she won’t sit still, especially when you have a shiny camera in her face.  The following pictures document that. 🙂

We love Kalyn!  She is so great and fun to watch grow up.

We Visited Ikea

November 18, 2008

We went to Ikea to look at some furniture and things.  While we were there, we saw a lot of fun things.  Katies especially liked the drawer organizers.

They also had some big tubs filled with stuffed animals.  Kalyn somehow found her way into the stuffed animal crates a few times and dad was able to take some fun pictures.  In the first set she is just laying on top of them.  In the second set, she is vertically down inside and was able to get her legs going.  In a matter of seconds she had so much static built up that her hair was just sticking all over.  It was quite funny.

We also ate at the little cafeteria.  It was pretty good.

Another Baby!

November 8, 2008

We got to take care of Garrett and Jill’s baby again.  They took care of Kalyn last week so we could go to the temple, and we took care of Dylan this week for them.  The babies had fun together.  Kalyn got a little excited so we had to keep her away from him for a bit because she kept wanting to climb up on his head.  Apart from a little bit of fussiness from both of them, it was nice.

Baby’s First Snow

November 5, 2008

Today it snowed here in Utah.  It was Kalyn’s first experience with snow, and she seemed to really enjoy eating the snow.  She was just shoveling right on into her mouth. 🙂