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Walking Baby

January 28, 2009

Finally!  Here is a video of Kalyn walking.  We thought the music was kind of fun, too.

I am not living in a cave

January 21, 2009

Due to some common misconceptions that have been expressed (both publicly and privately) that the office is a place of dim gloominess overrun by bats, spiders, and horrible mutants, I thought it was time to post a few pictures of the cubicle and the area around it. It is actually very nice and I am planning on moving my two plants there to green up the shelf and because little miss Kalyn will eventually get them and they will die. Everything is going fine and I enjoy work.

11 Months Old

January 21, 2009

Kalyn is 11 months old.  She is only one month from being a whole year old!  Wow!

This has been a busy month.  First of all, Kalyn is officially walking.  First, she would only take 3 or 4 steps.  Then, she got up to about 12 steps per try.  Then, she got up to about 25 steps.  Now, she pretty much can walk to where she wants to go without falling.  It was kind of funny how at each of these stages she would always take the same amount of steps before falling over. It is really exciting to see her walking, and she enjoys getting around.

I don’t know if I said before, but Kalyn is very into feeding herself.  This month she started eating a whole lot more “real people” foods.  She especially likes bananas.  Since she has a hard time picking up the chopped banana bits I often use cracker crumbs to help make them less slippery.  At this point, she seems to think she is too big for baby food.  She also thinks that if Mommy is eating, then she needs to be eating what Mommy is eating because obviously it must be good, right?

One thing Kalyn started doing this month is hugging things.  It started with hugging the great big stuffed dog Tim got her for Christmas.  Then, it spread to other stuffed animals.  She now will hug me and Tim, stuffed animals, blankets, and other children.  On Christmas day she gave her second cousin Amaia a scare when she tackled her and gave her a big hug. It is extremely cute.

Kalyn also is really developing her problem solving skills.  She’s always enjoyed a challenge, but she is getting quicker at figuring things out.  She now can flip light switches, with a little help.  She remembers where you are and will come back looking for you.  If you build it to keep her out, she will often figure out a way around it.

Just this past week Kalyn has decided it is really funny to do things that make Mommy and Daddy angry.  This especially includes grabbing Mommy’s face or hair, or grabbing Daddy’s glasses.  She seems to have an idea what “No” means and seems to enjoy knowing that she can do them anyway.

When I am rocking Kalyn before she goes to bed she likes to pull her blanket over her face.  This is kind of funny because Tim likes to do the same thing.  I am always the one to put Kalyn to sleep, and I have never really done that for her, it is just something she started doing on her own.

At bathtime, Kalyn’s favorite part is watching and playing as the water goes down the drain.  Sometimes she will poke at the drain early in the bath before it is time to get out.  The drain is a little disc that flips and she likes to move it around and feel the water as it goes down.  I found this surprising because I remember being a little bit scared of the bathtub drain as a child.

Kalyn is also getting better at communicating.  Right now she loves to point at the things she wants.  She points at her stuffed animals, more food, interesting things she would like to explore, and so on.  She also is pretty good at getting across what she wants using noises, even though she cannot talk yet.

Kalyn still loves to babble, and also seems to be starting to sing a little bit.  I’m not totally sure, but sometimes when she hears a song it seems like she is trying to also sing.  She also, of course, loves to squeal and whisper and just explore all the things she can do with her voice.

One last story: Kalyn has had a bad cold for the past few days (she seems to be much better today) and she was really fussy on Sunday.  We tried everything to calm her down, but she just kept crying… until we put on some youtube videos of animals, at which point she cheered right up.

Below I will include all the pictures I took.  It is very difficult to get a picture of her sitting.  In the picture series below she struggles as I try again and again to get her to sit in the chair long enough for me to get a good picture.  At the end, she gets out of the chair and walks away.  Ironically, it was the first picture I took that turned out best.

I hate my new computer! (at work)

January 5, 2009

So the new laptop I got today at work had windows on it.  I’ve been running OSX on my home built computer now since around a month before the baby was born 10 months ago or so. I’ve run all sorts of Linux flavors, XP, Vista, but NONE OF THEM had fewer daily annoyances than OSX.

True, there are incredibly stupid behaviors that are annoying (no cut and pasting of files in the finder. . . HELLO!!!!), but there are still few enough issues that I can easily say it is a cut above.  Throw into that the BSD based kernel and subsystem, a huge slew of powerful development tools, nice and clean utilities for doing all sorts of useful stuff, the best of open source and commercial apps working on one system, and . . . well, you get the picture. OSX needs some serious work to speed up its poor memory management, but most people don’t care about that. Linux based systems came close, but the lack of a clean GUI and consistent behavior between applications just caused annoyances.

So today as I worked to set up my windows based computer, I became increasingly more and more frustrated with stupid pop-up messages, bad GUI design, and just plain stupidity that I sunk more and more into despair.

By the time I was home, Katie kept asking me why I seemed so sad. We talked for a bit, and I realized that I have now become a Mac bigot. I like OSX because it works with little annoyance, and has consistancy throughout. I am not one of those fanboys that are illustrated so nicely in this amazing video I saw today. I will be happy to switch to something better when it comes along, but until then I will stick with OSX. I am not an idiot mac fanboy. I just get annoyed with stupid problems on other systems and get more work done with less hastle on OSX.

Steve Jobs is an idiot. There need to be more ports on laptops so people can actually use them for work without adding extra “accessories” just to plug in all the stuff I need to do my job. His ideal product would be a solid brick of plastic with no buttons, ports, or plugs.  Enjoy the video. I did. 🙂

PS – this website is being served by my hackintosh

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard


January 4, 2009

Withing the past 3 days Kalyn has started walking!  At this point I’m not really sure at which point she’s really walking on her own.  Right now her record is nine steps.

In the past when she wanted to go somewhere she would just dive down onto her arms and legs and start crawling.  Now she is trying a few steps until she falls down, at which point she continues with her crawling.

After Christmas we also got her first pair of shoes.  I have always found the tiny shoes babies wear to be so cute, so it was kind of fun shopping for them.

In the picture she is standing next to a little wagon she got from Grandma for Christmas.  It’s just the right size so that she can walk across the room using it.  It also has some breaks built in so you can adjust how fast the wheels spin according to how well she is walking.

10 Months

January 4, 2009

Really, Kalyn is getting closer to 11 months than 10 months because I am so late.  So I’ll try and tell you what she was doing when we were moving, which is around when she turned 10 months old.

Kalyn is doing much better at sleeping on her own.  She still has some bad nights, but she always is able to put herself to sleep after we read a book and rock for a little bit.  When she goes to sleep on her own she usually ends up curled up on her tummy with her legs tucked under her.  It is very cute.

Kalyn is getting closer and closer to walking, and when we were moving she was starting to stand up on her own for longer periods of time.  She could also walk holding just one hand.

Kalyn babbles quite a lot.  Her favorite sounds are “La la la la” and “Da da da da” and soft whispery sound she uses when she sees something she finds fascinating.

Kalyn still has a fanatic love of all things small and furry.  I babysat a small baby for an hour a day for a couple weeks and it was quite the challenge to keep her from “loving” him too much (patting him and poking his eyes).  It is funny because she gets very excited about animals, babies, other small kids, and stuffed animals.  She has a special noise she makes that sounds almost like she is scared, but we know from experience she is just very, very excited.  There isn’t really anything else she gets that excited about.

Kalyn also is already a dancer.  When music turns on she will usually do a little dance which just consists of her bouncing a little bit.  It is extremely cute to watch. While Tim is the ballroom dancer, I suspect she learned this little move from watching Mommy doing silly little dances when music is on.

Well, that is the most memorable things.  There are also some interesting developments she has started the past couple weeks, but I’ll save those for the 11 month post on the 18th.

The following pictures area actually just from this last week.  Since we got rid of the blue chair she is a new chair this month.


January 4, 2009

Finally we post again!  We had a fun Christmas here in Colorado.  My mom was able to fly out for a couple days.  Kalyn was totally spoiled and enjoyed all of her presents.  She’s still a little young to get the whole opening presents thing, but she enjoys playing with toys for sure.  🙂  Here are some pictures.