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Check Up

February 23, 2009

Kalyn had her one year old check up today. She hardly sat still long enough for the doctor to check her, but he said she is doing well. She is currently 17lbs 4oz (3rd percentile), 22in long (45th percentile), and her head is a whopping 18 3/4in around (97th percentile). I’m glad to hear that she has a really big head for her size, because I thought that the shirts she was wearing just were made with really small neck holes.

She has really grown a lot in the past couple weeks. Normally she grows out of her clothes slowly, since different brands and styles fit differently. The past week or two though she basically grew out of her whole wardrobe at once, including a lot of clothes she had been wearing for 6 months or so. We went in a couple weeks ago because she was sick with some kind of stomach bug and she has gained a full pound since then (although at the time she was a little dehydrated and hadn’t been eating much).

Kalyn Translations

February 22, 2009

Kalyn is getting much better at communicating her wants and needs. Here is a sampling.

  • “Ah” while holding phone or phone-like object: “Hello!”
  • “Ah” while holding out a toy or piece of food: “Here you go.”
  • “Num num num” (sucking motion with tongue while humming): Food, as in “I’m hungry” or “I want that food on your plate because mine isn’t good enough, Mom.”
  • “Ah ah ah” while holding arms up: “Pick me up.”
  • Very high pitched squealing: “I’m happy and having fun.”
  • Pointing with finger: “I want it” or “I want to see it” or “I like it” or “I want to touch it” or “I want to push that button.” She does this pretty much constantly.
  • “Huh huh huh” (kind of a low grunt): “I see a dog and that makes me very, very happy.” I think she might be trying to bark, but maybe not.
  • Throwing food on the floor (when in highchair): “I’m done and I want out.”
  • Throwing pacifier on the floor for no obvious reason: “I’m really not happy.” (Doesn’t include dropping pacifier to eat food.)

The Great Cake Toss of ’09

February 19, 2009

SCROLL DOWN! This post has several sections. Also, I made something like 10 posts today so you may even need to click “Older Posts” to see them all. 🙂

It was Kalyn’s birthday yesterday and we had a lot of fun. For most of the past year I had planned on having some kind of family get together for Kalyn’s birthday, but since we moved that was no longer an option. So, I decided it would be fun to take a ton of video of picture all throughout the day so that we could share her birthday with everyone. Here it goes.

The following videos were meant to be for Kalyn’s big fans, like Grandmas and Grandpas, so they’re kind of long.

First we have the video and pictures of Kalyn’s birthday. First, we start with breakfast. Then, Kalyn gets ready to go drop Dad off and go to storytime at Babies R Us (courtesy of the library). Then, we go ahead and go to the library to pick up some books. Then we come home and have lunch and play and get dinner ready. The music is from some kid’s music CDs we checked out from the library.  There is also a cameo of Kalyn’s new cousin, Briton, who was born yesterday and gets to have the same birthday as Kalyn. Then we go to the Lullaby Concert, a once a year event also hosted at the library for kids of all ages. Last, Kalyn has a bath and gets ready for bed. (I put the cake and presents in their own videos, as follows.)

Next, we have video and pictures of opening presents.  I was really amazed at how good Kalyn got at opening her own presents.  It’s kind of fascinating to watch her work the paper open.  By the end all she needed was a little rip to get her started.

Last, we have video of Kalyn “eating” her cake.  In the end, most of it ended up on the floor.

So, that ends my day of updating the blog.  Seriously, all these updates quite literally took my whole day, so no more complaining about me not updating the blog! 🙂 I’m glad I was able to get everything up, but in the future I’ll not try to do so much at once.

Dancing Baby

February 19, 2009

When music is playing Kalyn will often sit and dance by bouncing a little bit.  This video is an excellent demonstration of this.  Warning: Very Cute.

The Toy or The Box

February 19, 2009

One of Kalyn’s birthday presents was a toy car (which is meant to “last for several kids”).  She really enjoys the car, as demonstrated in the following video taken just before we left for our Valentine’s Day trip:

However, the box is also very popular. The following video shows Kalyn and Landon, a kid from our ward who came over to dinner with his parents Tuesday, enjoying the box.

And here are some pictures:

A Trip to the Park

February 19, 2009

Monday it was especially warm, and Tim had the day off, so in the afternoon we headed to the park.  Kalyn enjoys being around other children, and she enjoy exploring the park equipment.  By the time we were leaving it was almost dark, which is why the later pictures are darker.

Kalyn Loves Balloons

February 19, 2009

Starting a couple weeks ago Kalyn became fascinated with balloons.  They have a lots of balloons on display all over the store every time we go to King Soopers.  She loved looking at the balloons and shaking the strings to make them bounce up and down.We also just found out that they have a complimentary balloon for kids, so we will definitely be taking advantage of that!

These photos were after a trip out to lunch Monday.  She got a free balloon to bring home.  We thought it was hilarious that although she was sound asleep she still had a secure grip on her balloon.

Model Train Expo

February 19, 2009

While we were in Estes Park (outside Rocky Mountain National Park) we decided to go a model train expo that we had seen advertisements for.  Kalyn was a little sleepy at first from napping in the car, but by the end she was enjoying the trains.

The first part of the video is of her walking around in the crowds.  The second part she is able to watch a train that is set on a low table so kids can see it go around.

In the photos you can also see her playing in a little train tent that was in the hall at the entrance of the expo.  It was pretty much her favorite thing there.

Rocky Mountain National Park

February 19, 2009

Rocky Mountain National Park is about an hour from our house.  We decided to go up there for a little trip on Valentine’s Day.  The snowy mountains were beautiful, and there were a ton of elk running all over the place.  However, we definitely have to go back because most of the park was closed for winter.

In the visitor’s center there was a box where you could put donation in boxes marked with each state.  Utah, of all the states, had the least amount of money with only a few pennies.  We couldn’t decide if it’s because no one comes to Rocky Mountain National Park from Utah because it’s just the other side of the mountains they already have, or if people from Utah are just cheap.


February 19, 2009

Kalyn has decided anything with buttons must be a phone.  She puts it up to her ear and makes little “huh” noises.  In these photos a calculator is a phone.