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Tim Takes It All Off

April 5, 2009

Tim has apparently always wanted to shave his head.  So, yesterday, since he has been working at home, and doesn’t have any major commitments in the next few weeks, he decided to go ahead and do it.

Tims edit: I just always wanted to do it once to see what it is like. I’ve always liked short hair as it takes less work to look nice, and I’d always kind of wondered what it would feel like having a shaved head. I never did it when I was young because I though my mom would freak out, and was never brave enough after as I was quite afraid I’d look hideous and all the hot babes would never speak to me again.

Here is what I’ve learned:

  1. My head is much rounder than I thought. It always felt a little square on the edges, but turns out it is really round.
  2. My head has lots of little dips and divots that are a pain to try and shave as the hairs are laid down and don’t get cut easily.
  3. I wouldn’t want this as a hairstyle. Shaving my face annoys me enough. Shaving the whole head every 2-3 days would drive me nuts.
  4. I was surprised how quickly I’d forget I had no hair. I reach up to scratch my head and am surprised there is not hair there.
  5. Katie and I were both surprised that I didn’t look as bad as either of us feared. In fact, when I put on a shirt and tie I looked more like a ‘hip business man’ than some Neo-Nazi or something.
  6. Nobody really seemed to care I did it. I bet if I was still in Provo it might make a difference, but not in Fort Collins.
  7. The wind was really, really, cold. It was kind of shocking getting out of the car to go into Priesthood session and feeling so darn cold. Most of your body heat is lost out of the head, and not having hair does a lot to make it feel breezy. I got cold sitting in the gym watching conference. That has never happened before.
  8. The baby is kind of scared of my bare head. She refused to touch it, stares, and runs away when she sees it.
  9. Katie and I both thought it felt strange, but not in a bad way. Nowhere near as soft as we’d expected.
  10. Rubbing it the wrong way is difficult – kind of like with shark skin. In fact, you can’t pull your shirt down over your head if it is touching the skin. The little tiny hairs grab it and hold it tight. I put a blanket over my head so it would touch the top and Katie couldn’t pull it off will all hear strength when pulling against the grain. It didn’t feel painful at all.

Here’s the before pictures.

First, he buzzed his hair to make shaving easier. Katie helped a lot.

Then he lathered up with lots of shaving cream.

And then he shaved. He did a bit up front, and then turned it over to Katie who finished the rest. Kalyn was pretty disturbed when she saw her Daddy with no hair.

And, finally, Tim with no hair:

It took more than an hour to do, and a second touch up attempt to get the little patches that had been missed.

Birds in the Snow

April 5, 2009

Kalyn enjoys watching birds at the birdfeeder. She usually gets so excited she runs up and pounds on the window. The birds are starting to get used to her, though, and don’t fly away as much.

Bike Rides

April 5, 2009

One of the things we love about Fort Collins is the extensive system of paved bike trails. They run all over town and are usually completely separated from the roads. We have enjoyed taking Kalyn in her bike trailer to explore a little bit of those trails.

In the following pictures you can see Kalyn in her bike trailer. We also stopped to look at some horses and took some pictures. Then we stopped at the park and Kalyn took a ride down the slides.

Listen to Conference on Your Ipod Touch or Iphone

April 4, 2009

In Utah, we always listened to general conference on the radio because we don’t have a TV, and it lets me move around and do stuff while I listen. In Colorado, though, general conference isn’t on the radio (at least not that I know of) so I came up with this hack to listen on my iPod Touch. This will work anywhere your iPod/iPhone can connect to the internet.

Step One: Install the free Public Radio App
Step Two: Open the App
Step Three: Search for “KBYU”
Step Three: Listen!

P.S. We could just listen on the internet, but the speakers on our laptop are really wimpy so I’d have to be sitting right in front the whole time in order to hear, and I have a baby to take care of!

Kalyn’s First Word

April 1, 2009

I think we can officially say that Kalyn’s first word is “Daddy.”  She definitely enjoys saying Daddy, and she definitely knows that it means her Daddy.  However, she also seems to say “Daddy” when she means “doggie.”  Just as she will say “Daddy” when she sees Daddy, she also will say it while pointing to an animal picture, or whenever she sees an animal (especially dogs).

In this video you can see Kalyn say daddy/doggie as she watches videos of dogs.  (By the way, Kalyn still gets more excited about seeing animals than about anything else.  Recently we put up a bird feeder in our backyard which has brought her much joy, although she does tend to scare the birds away with her excitement.)

In this video Kalyn doesn’t say Daddy until the end of video.  I thought I’d put it up, though, because it shows her playing her favorite game, which is putting stuff in stuff, taking it out, and then putting it back in again.  She also recently fell in love with wearing bags. Only recently did she start playing put stuff in/take it out game with the bags, though. Watch how many times Kalyn puts her pacifier into her bag and then takes it back out again.

More Cute Pictures

April 1, 2009

Here are some more cute pictures of Kalyn being Kalyn.  There is also a picture of the three of us.

A couple of the pictures are of her “reading” a book.  Also, some are of her in her new tent play area.  And, one playing with her baby doll.