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Kalyn Just Keeps Getting Cuter…

September 19, 2009

Here are a bunch of pictures of Kalyn doing cute things.  First, she has made the white laundry basket into a new toy.  She climbs in and out of it all by herself.

Kalyn also lately has started putting random things on her head and calling it a hat.  This includes things from her toothbrush, to a book, to little toys… and boxes!  We had fun watching her wear her “hat” and hope you do too.

Kalyn’s hair is also getting longer.  It’s finally long enough to put up in pig tails, but she usually pulls them out after 10 minutes or so.  The pigtails in the picture managed to stay in for a whopping half hour.  It doesn’t help that her hair is so straight and soft that they practically slip out by themselves.

Kalyn’s energy level has seemed to skyrocket in the past few weeks, which has really fun but also has been a little bit difficult to adjust to.  Her vocabulary also continues to grow at very fast pace – it is a rare that a day goes by that she doesn’t learn at least one new word.  One of my favorite units in my English language and grammar class was on the various theories of how children learn to talk, and now it is very exciting and fun to see Kalyn doing just that. These days she chatters pretty much constantly about everything, using both words we can understand and words we can’t.

Callaway Kite Festival

September 19, 2009

Just a few days before Labor Day weekend we heard about a big kite festival that takes place about 6 hours from here in Nebraska and decided to go.  We are so glad we went because we had a ton of fun. We camped out the whole time and got to see and fly a ton of kites.  Tim also got a nice break, since he has been frustrated with wind here (there’s either none or way too much).  We plan on making it a tradition to keep going as long as we live close enough.

Callaway itself is a tiny town (if you can even a call a town without any kind of grocery store a “town”) in the middle of farmland in Nebraska.  It’s actually quite a pretty area, even if it was pretty desolate as far as people are concerned. They have got one big thing going for them, though: lots and lots of steady wind.

Rocky Mountain National Park

September 19, 2009

Rocky Mountain National Park is only about an hour’s drive from our new home, so this past week we decided to go up and check it out.  We had a lot of fun and it was fascinating to be on top of the mountains.  For lunch we stopped at a picnic area and Kalyn had the time of her life with the animals there.  There were a ton of ducks, probably the most tame ducks I have ever seen.  Also, Kalyn got especially excited about the ground squirrel.  Kalyn still loves all animals, and is having a blast learning about new animals all the time, so it was pretty much the highlight of the month for her.

Big Bed

September 19, 2009

Right after we moved in a neighbor offered us a couch and a twin bed that she no longer needed. Since then, Kalyn has been sleeping in the twin bed.  She does really well, especially at night.  At nap time she will get out of the bed and play for a while before she finally falls asleep, but since this just means her official nap time extends by however much time she quietly plays in her room, I really don’t mind.


September 19, 2009

We’ve moved to Colorado.  Yea! Sometime soon when the house is looking good I will take a bunch of pictures to show you.

Here, though, are some fun pictures from a little trip we took to Boulder. Boulder is a fun place to visit, not the least because it has Into The Wind, a kite shop Tim has often frequented.  The store has all kinds of fun and crazy stuff, not just kites, so if you’re even in Boulder you should check it out.

The pictures are pretty much all of Kalyn playing on the little play area they have just outside the Into the Wind kite shop.

Tim Graduates

September 19, 2009

It’s been a month now, but Tim graduated from college this August. Yea for Tim! We’re so proud of him and all his hard work.