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A Trip to Denver

December 29, 2009

Since Tim has the week off, today we took a trip down to Denver to see some sights.

First, we went to see the Butterfly Pavilion, which we really enjoyed. They actually have quite a wide variety of displays, and it is cool to be able to get so close to the butterflies. It’s also very warm, and a great place to go if you want to Kalyn had a blast seeing all the different insects, butterflies, and especially the turtle. She even loved the spiders and cockroaches, which Mommy was not so enthusiastic about.

Second, we went to the Denver Aquarium, which we didn’t like as much. The Aquarium was high on flashy entertainment but low on education and science. The most annoying thing was that in each area they seemed to just have one big tank where all the fish wandered about, so it was very difficult to find out what kind of fish you were looking at because the sign was never by the fish. The displays were all beautiful, and there was some pretty cool stuff (such as simulation of a flash flood, and a couple of tigers), so it’s not a complete waste of time. However, if you’re looking for a traditional aquarium where the emphasis is on learning about a large variety of fish, this is probably not the place.

Kalyn still enjoyed it though! The theme of the day was definitely turtles, and every time she saw one she got especially excited. She also enjoyed looking at the fish and different sea creatures. She got a little scared by a snapping turtle that startled her, but the thing that really scared her were some scuba divers in a tank at the aquarium. They tried to interact with her, and waved her to come over, but she would have none of it.

Afterwards we stopped to visit with Aunt Carol and Uncle Doug for a while, and Kalyn got to run around and cause general havoc with her second cousin Amaya. All in all it was a very exciting day and Kalyn thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2009

We had a lovely Christmas today. To celebrate, yesterday we went sledding for a little bit in the snow. Then in the evening we had a fire and we talked about the story of Jesus using Kalyn’s nativity set. Today we spent the day together, opened presents, and had a family dinner.  Here are some pictures. The video is of Kalyn enjoying some Christmas cookies on Christmas eve and enjoying her new scooter bike today.

Christmas Kites

December 25, 2009

This year for family Christmas presents we made kites. We were talking about what to do for Christmas presents, and Tim said to me that he prefers to give homemade gifts.  I said that I was happy to make gifts, but this year I needed his help.  He then suggested we make kites for everyone, since that is something he enjoys.  Tim made some kites in high school, but hadn’t done any since then and never expected to be making kites with his wife. 🙂  We had a lot of fun making the kites together and we plan to keep making kites in the future.

Here are pictures of all the kites we made, as well as us making and testing some of the kites.  I did help make the kites, too, but I was always the one taking the pictures.  There wasn’t a whole lot of wind when we tested the kites, so Tim had to run around the park.  We weren’t able to get any pictures of the spinsock in action, but this video should give you an idea of what it looks like when it’s going, even though the one we made isn’t quite so massive.

Christmas Season

December 11, 2009

Today we went to the Gardens at Spring Creek to look at the lights. It’s just a small local community garden where they put up lights for Christmas. Kalyn really enjoyed seeing all the lights.

There are also a bunch of pictures from the past month or so. You can see Kalyn getting a hair cut, our Christmas tree, and lots of Kalyn just being cute.