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Our Epic December Vacation

January 2, 2011

In December we took an epic trip that spanned more than three weeks and eight states.

First, we went to Redding where we visited my family and we saw Eliza in the Madrigal Dinner. We have some photos from that, but they are all on Tim’s phone. It was so much fun to go back and see the Madrigal Dinner, with my baby sister all grown up!

After a little under a week in Redding, we took a trip up to Seattle/Bainbridge Island where we visited with Garret and Jill Gibbons. It was so much fun to visit! Garrett and Jill have two kids, Dylan (who is a few months younger than Kalyn) and Wesley (who is a few months younger than Garrett, and whose name is also Garrett, although he goes by his middle name). They had lots of fun playing together (most of the time anyway) and we enjoyed visiting beautiful Bainbridge Island and Seattle.

Next we came back and visited with the family for Christmas. We spent a lot of time hanging out and playing with new Christmas presents. We did manage to make one trip to Turtle Bay Museum in Redding, which was a lot of fun for Kalyn.

Partly in an effort to avoid the storms that were spread across the West, we drove down to St George to visit Tim’s family and stopped at Death Valley along the way. Death Valley was great, with some lovely and fascinating views and balmy warm weather (it was in the 60s on the valley floor). We then got to hang out in St George with Tim’s parents and cousin Natalie.

We drove back on New Year’s day. It was great how empty the roads are early New Year’s morning, but we made up for it by being stuck in a huge traffic jam heading through the canyon back into Denver. We think it was probably made up of people heading back into Denver from the ski resorts. Now we are home. It has been a long trip but we feel like it was a huge success!

This video is of a fire demonstration at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. There are two babies who start crying, and one of them is Garrett. Kalyn actually sat and watched the whole thing, which means it must have been fascinating.

On our last day on Bainbridge Island we drove over to Dungeness Wildlife Reserve and saw the spit there. The best thing was it was raining all morning, but about ten minute before we got there the rain cleared up and we were able to go for a little hike to see the water in the sun.

Living in a hotel can be fun. Here is a sample of what that life was like…

This is Kalyn and the turtle at Turtle Bay museum. Listen for her saying “the turtle is my best friend” right at the end of the video.

As we were packing my mom, Jeanne, and Grandma Honey gathered for an impromptu concert while Kalyn provided accompaniment.

Kalyn LOVED playing in the sand dunes at Death Valley. She was covered in sand by the time we got back to the car.

Here are the photos. There should be captions that tell you more about the photos.