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Baby’s First Christmas

December 25, 2013

Due to the very healthy little miss that just joined us (I’ve added pictures and movies to the announcement post) and since Katie was also doing so well the doctors allowed us home on Christmas Eve at 6pm or so. Mom is very tired, but Piper is eating nicely and sleeping – though she is a bit fussy if not being held. Luckily, there are lots of interested holders here at the moment.

Hello Piper Zoe!

December 24, 2013

Katie began pushing at 1005pm and the baby just did not want to come out. She kept refusing to move past the pubic bone. Several positions were tried and finally she slipped past and was born at 11:46pm, December 23, 2013. Katie is doing well and baby is crying and appears to be sleeping now.

Piper Zoe Wessman

2013-12-23; 23:46 GMT-7; Monday; 3.29kg; 49.5cm;


Baby is coming!

December 23, 2013

This morning at Katie’s appointment she was between 2-3cm. The doctor stripped the membranes, and put Katie on a monitor to check that everything was good. Since nothing was really progessing then, we scheduled Friday morning for inducement if the baby had not yet arrived. Katie an I went to eat sushi at 11, and were home around 1215 or so.

Around 2-3 they really started getting more powerful and painful. Tim went out to do some last minute shopping at 430 or so as there was 1 item I was wanting to get. I came home at 530 or so after katie called. We climbed in the car and went.

This is from the room in the hospital. We came in at around 615pm or so. At 720 when they checked her, she was at 5cm. 750 she was around 7-8cm. At 830 the epidural was finished and she was around 9cm. They popped her water at 848 and is relaxing and feeling much better after the epidural. Now we are just waiting and I expect the little one will be here in the next hour.