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March 17, 2014

I have started an instagram feed. Instagram is a site that allows you to share pictures along with a short caption from your phone. My hope is to use Instagram to share more day to day happenings with family (you guys) and to motivate me to take more pictures of the kids. It takes me at least an hour to update our website – between taking pictures off the camera, importing them, picking out the ones I want, resizing them, uploading them to the website, writing a post, and etc. Which is why it doesn’t happen very often. I can take a picture with my phone and then have it up on instagram within a minute, without even having to turn on the computer.

If you have an instagram account you can sign up to follow me. Or, on the side you should see a bunch of pictures going down the page.  The lastest pictures should always show up on top, so you should be able to instantly see if there is anything new.

My goal is to upload at least once a day (versus once very few months). I may not make it every day, but I’m sure it will be more often than I have been lately. I hope you appreciate the improvement. 🙂