We Visited Ikea

We went to Ikea to look at some furniture and things.  While we were there, we saw a lot of fun things.  Katies especially liked the drawer organizers.

They also had some big tubs filled with stuffed animals.  Kalyn somehow found her way into the stuffed animal crates a few times and dad was able to take some fun pictures.  In the first set she is just laying on top of them.  In the second set, she is vertically down inside and was able to get her legs going.  In a matter of seconds she had so much static built up that her hair was just sticking all over.  It was quite funny.

We also ate at the little cafeteria.  It was pretty good.

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  1. Gramma Mecham says:

    Thanks for the update! She is such a cutie and getting so big. Does she say “Gramma” yet??????

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