Nine Months Old!

Kalyn is nine months old today.  It has been a very busy month for her.

Kalyn is moving fast towards walking.  She now can walk quite speedily along furniture.  She also is starting to try to stand on her own, although she usually only is able to do so for a few seconds.  She also is starting to launch herself forward from standing to close objects.

Kalyn LOVES stuffed animals and animals of all kinds.  A few days ago we went to the farm country at Thanksgiving Point and Kalyn had a lot of fun seeing the different animals there. Once in a while we also will let her watch short clips of animals on you tube and she gets very excited.

She is expanding the foods that she eats quite a bit.  Sometimes when she is in a bad mood she will still refuse to eat anything but cereal, but most of the time she will eat pretty much anything.  Especially paper.

We went to the doctor today and she is 16lbs 10 oz and in the 15th percentile for weight.  She is pretty small compared to other babies her age that we see. She is definitely very healthy though as she is very active and ahead of the curve on most milestones.

One of her favorite games lately is to pull everything out and off.  In the front room she has a bunch of toys in baskets on a shelf and she will first take everything off the shelf and then empty all of the baskets piece by piece.  Then she looses all interest in the toys until you put them back on the shelf for her take off again.

Her favorite things to play with right now is anything new (of course) and board books and stuffed animals.

We taught her to wave good-bye.  She doesn’t do it every time, but most times she will give a little wave if you wave at her and say “good-bye” or “goodnight.”   It is so fun to see her responding to cues like that.

She has gotten much better at going to sleep on her own.  If we make sure she gets lots to eat during the day she will sleep almost through the night.

It’s getting very difficult to take pictures of her because she won’t sit still, especially when you have a shiny camera in her face.  The following pictures document that. 🙂

We love Kalyn!  She is so great and fun to watch grow up.

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