Baby Gift Guide

Okay, so I’m not sure if I should write this or not because it is kind of tacky.  But, since we’re probably going to get a dozen emails or calls anyway it just makes sense to put this information in a central place where people can go back to get it.

Introducing: the baby gift guide!

Right now Kalyn is wearing Carter’s size 9 months and Old Navy size 6-12 months.  Most other brands she is in around 6-9 months, although of course there is a wide variance between brands.  She still has some room to grow in these sizes, so if you want her to fit into it at Christmas you should probably stick to this size.  If you want her to grow into it you should probably go for size 12 months, which I’m guessing she’ll be able to wear in February and really fit into about March.

Kalyn can always use cute clothes, but she especially could use pants that go with everything (like jeans) and footed pajamas.  Especially footed pajamas, as it is getting colder and when she is in bed working on going to sleep her first order of business is usually taking her socks off.

Now that she’s starting to learn to walk she also could really use some shoes, especially softer shoes for new walkers like Robeez.

Right now I’m trying to build up her collection of board books.  She also loves stuffed animals at this point.  We’re all for the educational toys. 🙂

Tim and I are not particularly wanting or needing anything, but if you are having a hard time deciding a good gift may be a toy or something for a child not as blessed as our baby, given in our name.

Thanks for everything!  I hope this wasn’t too tacky.  Have a great Thanksgiving and Holiday season!

3 Responses to Baby Gift Guide

  1. Dad says:

    Hmmm, sounds like Tim and Katie are about to learn how hard Grandparents are to control =)

  2. katie says:

    You can get her whatever you want. This information is merely provided as a “in case you wanted to know.” I wouldn’t dream of circumventing a grandparent’s right to spoil their grandchild. 😀

  3. ~Mom says:

    That’s a good thing! Thanks tho for the good ideas. I’m glad you let me know what size she is. It’s sooo hard to know what to get for a growing baby you hardly get to hold! :o)

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