10 Months

Really, Kalyn is getting closer to 11 months than 10 months because I am so late.  So I’ll try and tell you what she was doing when we were moving, which is around when she turned 10 months old.

Kalyn is doing much better at sleeping on her own.  She still has some bad nights, but she always is able to put herself to sleep after we read a book and rock for a little bit.  When she goes to sleep on her own she usually ends up curled up on her tummy with her legs tucked under her.  It is very cute.

Kalyn is getting closer and closer to walking, and when we were moving she was starting to stand up on her own for longer periods of time.  She could also walk holding just one hand.

Kalyn babbles quite a lot.  Her favorite sounds are “La la la la” and “Da da da da” and soft whispery sound she uses when she sees something she finds fascinating.

Kalyn still has a fanatic love of all things small and furry.  I babysat a small baby for an hour a day for a couple weeks and it was quite the challenge to keep her from “loving” him too much (patting him and poking his eyes).  It is funny because she gets very excited about animals, babies, other small kids, and stuffed animals.  She has a special noise she makes that sounds almost like she is scared, but we know from experience she is just very, very excited.  There isn’t really anything else she gets that excited about.

Kalyn also is already a dancer.  When music turns on she will usually do a little dance which just consists of her bouncing a little bit.  It is extremely cute to watch. While Tim is the ballroom dancer, I suspect she learned this little move from watching Mommy doing silly little dances when music is on.

Well, that is the most memorable things.  There are also some interesting developments she has started the past couple weeks, but I’ll save those for the 11 month post on the 18th.

The following pictures area actually just from this last week.  Since we got rid of the blue chair she is a new chair this month.

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