Withing the past 3 days Kalyn has started walking!  At this point I’m not really sure at which point she’s really walking on her own.  Right now her record is nine steps.

In the past when she wanted to go somewhere she would just dive down onto her arms and legs and start crawling.  Now she is trying a few steps until she falls down, at which point she continues with her crawling.

After Christmas we also got her first pair of shoes.  I have always found the tiny shoes babies wear to be so cute, so it was kind of fun shopping for them.

In the picture she is standing next to a little wagon she got from Grandma for Christmas.  It’s just the right size so that she can walk across the room using it.  It also has some breaks built in so you can adjust how fast the wheels spin according to how well she is walking.

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  1. Gramma Mecham says:

    What an absolute doll! She is so happy all the time and such a sweetheart. Looks like Christmas was fun for everyone around her. She is really going to keep you hopping now that she can walk. Put on your running shoes!!!!

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