I hate my new computer! (at work)

So the new laptop I got today at work had windows on it.  I’ve been running OSX on my home built computer now since around a month before the baby was born 10 months ago or so. I’ve run all sorts of Linux flavors, XP, Vista, but NONE OF THEM had fewer daily annoyances than OSX.

True, there are incredibly stupid behaviors that are annoying (no cut and pasting of files in the finder. . . HELLO!!!!), but there are still few enough issues that I can easily say it is a cut above.  Throw into that the BSD based kernel and subsystem, a huge slew of powerful development tools, nice and clean utilities for doing all sorts of useful stuff, the best of open source and commercial apps working on one system, and . . . well, you get the picture. OSX needs some serious work to speed up its poor memory management, but most people don’t care about that. Linux based systems came close, but the lack of a clean GUI and consistent behavior between applications just caused annoyances.

So today as I worked to set up my windows based computer, I became increasingly more and more frustrated with stupid pop-up messages, bad GUI design, and just plain stupidity that I sunk more and more into despair.

By the time I was home, Katie kept asking me why I seemed so sad. We talked for a bit, and I realized that I have now become a Mac bigot. I like OSX because it works with little annoyance, and has consistancy throughout. I am not one of those fanboys that are illustrated so nicely in this amazing video I saw today. I will be happy to switch to something better when it comes along, but until then I will stick with OSX. I am not an idiot mac fanboy. I just get annoyed with stupid problems on other systems and get more work done with less hastle on OSX.

Steve Jobs is an idiot. There need to be more ports on laptops so people can actually use them for work without adding extra “accessories” just to plug in all the stuff I need to do my job. His ideal product would be a solid brick of plastic with no buttons, ports, or plugs.  Enjoy the video. I did. 🙂

PS – this website is being served by my hackintosh

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

2 Responses to I hate my new computer! (at work)

  1. Jared says:

    I have to agree about the whole OS X thing – except that I rarely run into anything annoying about it (unlike certain other OSs that will be named – Vista or even XP). OS X is actually enjoyable to use it and I love the UNIX kernel and easy access to a useful terminal. I’ve tried different flavors of Linux and enjoy Ubuntu the most but nothing has OS X’s polish and features. We do a lot of neuroimaging research in the lab I work in and Macs would be perfect (we have to convince IT a bit more) because, like you said, there are many commercial and Open Source programs available (plus almost all of the best ones we use have Mac versions – we’re running Fedora Core right now in the lab).

  2. katie says:

    Sorry I took so long to approve this, I thought I approved this comment when we first got it! – Katie

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