Baby Update #4

If you are wondering whether or not the baby has come yet, then the answer is probably not yet or else we would have called you.

Yesterday morning I saw the doctor.  I was 3 1/2 cm dilated and 100% effaced and was told the baby was down low.  He said “I’m certain you’re going to have the baby today or tomorrow.”

Yeah…  He has 6 hours left before he is dead wrong.

For more than 24 hours I have been having contractions every 10 minutes.  Sometimes they get a little bit farther apart, sometimes they get a little closer.  But, mostly, they just stay at 10 minutes.  I have talked to the nurses and they just repeat the same thing over and over again, “Come in when your contractions are 2-3 minutes apart or when the pain is too much to handle.”

So, at this point I’m just trying to live with things as they are.  It’s kind of hard to deal with, especially since I didn’t get very much sleep last night, but I seem to be surviving for now.

I’ll keep you posted.  Thank you, everyone, so much, for not calling every few hours or every day to see if the baby has come yet.  I’ve heard of such things happening and I’m pretty grateful to everyone for being patient, since the baby not being here yet is just about the LAST thing I want to talk about.

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