So we checked in at 4:30 AM. Katie was 4cm. Around 830 she started feeling pain. At 9 she was at 6cm. She asked for the epidural at 920. There was an emergency and so all the doctors and nurses were busy and they couldn’t get in until around 10:15. They put the epidural in but it wasn’t working very well.

They discovered why when they checked her. She only had an anterior lip left. The aesthesiologist said, “Oh! That’s why it isn’t working. . . I gave her a 6cm dose.” He put in a slightly different medicine and she started feeling better.

Just so you don’t think I am sitting on the computer while katie is doing all the work or anything, she is listening to her relaxation music on the computer and resting.  I thought I would give an update.

It is now 11:20 and we are waiting for the doctor to come in so we can start pushing. It has been very quick which is nice. Nurse is back and says we are going to start pushing . . . got to go!

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