Say Hello Kalyn Elise! (more pictures added)

At 12:45, Kalyn Elise joined our family. (kay-lynn) She is very cute, has lots of hair, and is very healthy.

edit:  As of 1:30 PM on Feb 20th, we are home with the baby!  I have now added all the pictures.

10 Responses to Say Hello Kalyn Elise! (more pictures added)

  1. Gramma Mecham says:

    What a cute baby! We are so proud of you and so excited to have our 6th great-grandbaby. We love the name. Have fun being a Mommy and Daddy.
    Love you,

  2. Gramma Mecham says:

    She is beautiful! Love you, Gramma

  3. Bekah says:

    She’s so cute!! Looks healthy too! I had to stop myself from being “nurse” but it’s kind of hard since that’s what I’m trained to do. So with out realizing I was doing it I was looking at her color, etc. to make sure it looked good. 🙂 I haven’t ever seen Katie’s baby pictures but I can see some of Tim in her. Congrats!! Can’t wait to meet her!! Tell her Aunt Bekah and Uncle Lance love her!! Hope you recover well Katie!

  4. Great looking family. you are on your way to a life of happiness.

  5. Rita says:

    Congratulations Katie & Tim! Kalyn is absolutley beautiful. Thank you for sharing your pictures with everyone.

  6. Marinda & Mike says:

    She is a beautiful baby and we are so happy to hear that she has arrived!!

  7. Aunt Judy says:

    This is so exciting! I am in AZ and had to check your progress and there is a new baby! I love her name and I hope Katie has gotten some rest. CU soon when I get back to UT.
    Aunt Judy

  8. Brooks Cooper says:

    Wow, what an angel. She is absolutely beautiful.

  9. arjunaidi says:

    Hi Katie,

    congratulations on arrival of baby Kay. what’s that HP50G in one of the photos? baby’s toy 🙂

    Arjunaidi from Malaysia

  10. Cousin Heidi says:

    Awww… she’s gorgeous! Congrats.

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