Sunday Afternoon. . .

Here is another group of pictures.  We stayed home from church and spent time with the baby.  Tim was sick the past few days, but he is mostly better now.  I still have a cough, but it is almost gone.

Yesterday, I heard a loud shriek.  That is the shriek I normally associate with the times when Katie pulls a shirt out of the closet and a spider falls on her arm.  I went down the hall and found and innocent looking baby on the changing table, and Katie sprayed all along her front (up to her chin!) with baby poop.  I knew little boys would spray, but I didn’t know about the projectile pooping. . .

Yesterday, I purchased seven little cheap flower pots.  We worked on getting the nice basket of live plants Katie’s mom got her into individual pots.  There is a picture with all the nice plants.  Hopefully, we will be able to keep them alive.

We also gave Kalyn a bath today.  She didn’t scream at all.  In fact, we are thinking that she will be a rather quiet baby.  She doesn’t really cry much at all.  In fact, the only time she seems fussy at all is when she wants to be fed.

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