Kalyn Translations

Kalyn is getting much better at communicating her wants and needs. Here is a sampling.

  • “Ah” while holding phone or phone-like object: “Hello!”
  • “Ah” while holding out a toy or piece of food: “Here you go.”
  • “Num num num” (sucking motion with tongue while humming): Food, as in “I’m hungry” or “I want that food on your plate because mine isn’t good enough, Mom.”
  • “Ah ah ah” while holding arms up: “Pick me up.”
  • Very high pitched squealing: “I’m happy and having fun.”
  • Pointing with finger: “I want it” or “I want to see it” or “I like it” or “I want to touch it” or “I want to push that button.” She does this pretty much constantly.
  • “Huh huh huh” (kind of a low grunt): “I see a dog and that makes me very, very happy.” I think she might be trying to bark, but maybe not.
  • Throwing food on the floor (when in highchair): “I’m done and I want out.”
  • Throwing pacifier on the floor for no obvious reason: “I’m really not happy.” (Doesn’t include dropping pacifier to eat food.)

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