Check Up

Kalyn had her one year old check up today. She hardly sat still long enough for the doctor to check her, but he said she is doing well. She is currently 17lbs 4oz (3rd percentile), 22in long (45th percentile), and her head is a whopping 18 3/4in around (97th percentile). I’m glad to hear that she has a really big head for her size, because I thought that the shirts she was wearing just were made with really small neck holes.

She has really grown a lot in the past couple weeks. Normally she grows out of her clothes slowly, since different brands and styles fit differently. The past week or two though she basically grew out of her whole wardrobe at once, including a lot of clothes she had been wearing for 6 months or so. We went in a couple weeks ago because she was sick with some kind of stomach bug and she has gained a full pound since then (although at the time she was a little dehydrated and hadn’t been eating much).

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