Kalyn’s First Word

I think we can officially say that Kalyn’s first word is “Daddy.”  She definitely enjoys saying Daddy, and she definitely knows that it means her Daddy.  However, she also seems to say “Daddy” when she means “doggie.”  Just as she will say “Daddy” when she sees Daddy, she also will say it while pointing to an animal picture, or whenever she sees an animal (especially dogs).

In this video you can see Kalyn say daddy/doggie as she watches videos of dogs.  (By the way, Kalyn still gets more excited about seeing animals than about anything else.  Recently we put up a bird feeder in our backyard which has brought her much joy, although she does tend to scare the birds away with her excitement.)

In this video Kalyn doesn’t say Daddy until the end of video.  I thought I’d put it up, though, because it shows her playing her favorite game, which is putting stuff in stuff, taking it out, and then putting it back in again.  She also recently fell in love with wearing bags. Only recently did she start playing put stuff in/take it out game with the bags, though. Watch how many times Kalyn puts her pacifier into her bag and then takes it back out again.

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  1. Gramma Mecham says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated. She is such a cutie and growing up so fast. She is getting to look more like her Mommy all the time. Give her hugs and kisses from this great-gramma. Love you!

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