One Month Old Today

Kalyn is one month old today.  The month has gone by very quickly.  Kalyn is already growing and learning a lot.  One thing I was amazed at was how she already has so much personality.  She really is her own little person.

At one month old, Kalyn loves to look around.  She actually has done this since she was born.  She especially likes to look at windows and her mom and dad.  And, I’m sorry to say, she enjoys looking at computer screens.  She will often cry a bit just to get you to move her where she can see more interesting things. She also seems to enjoy laying on a blanket on a floor where she not only has a lot to look at, but can also kick her arms and legs around.

Kalyn also likes to cuddle against her mom and dad’s chest.   She enjoys having a heartbeat to listen to and will often put her ear up against the chest and then look up at the face of whoever is holding her.

Kalyn also has things she does not like.  There is nothing she hates more than being hungry, as this is the only thing she will consistently cry about.  She also doesn’t like being put in her car seat, although once she is in the car she is perfectly happy.  She also doesn’t like having things over her face, like when she is changing clothes.  She also seems to not like it when she is being held by someone who is paying more attention to a computer than her.

It is great to see her learn and grow.  She is the cutest, smartest baby ever born and brings both of us lots of joy and fun.

This picture is her on her one month old birthday.  Make sure to scroll down for a ton more baby pictures from the last month.


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