Elder Ballard’s Talk on Mothers

General Conference this weekend was great.  To me, it seemed like every other talk was on families.  As a new mom, the topic of families is especially important to me.  I especially enjoyed the talk by Elder Ballard directed towards young mothers.

One small thing he said in his talk that I found especially comforting was the assertion that different moms make different choices based on their own experience and the needs of their children.  As a new mom, one of the hardest things is figuring out how to take care of my baby.  There are hundreds of books, websites, experts, family, friends, and neighbors all enthusiastically willing to tell you “the” way to take care of a baby. While it is most often motivated by a sincere desire to help, the conflicting information often leaves me feeling confused and highly doubtful of my own decisions and ability as a mother.  It is comforting to hear from an apostle that I will be able to make the right decisions for me and my baby with the help of the spirit, and that those decisions may be different from other people without being wrong.

The other part of Elder Ballard’s talk that was very comforting was his advice to mothers on how to be better mothers. It was very timely and helped answer my perpetual question of how to care for my baby.  Unlike the focus I have had lately on things like how long my baby sleeps, when to pick her up, and how to feed the baby, this advice reminded me of what is truly important and helped bring direction to future efforts and decisions.  Here is the advice he gave:

  • Recognize that the joy of motherhood comes in moments.
  • Don’t over-schedule yourselves or  your children. Have unstructured time as a family.
  • Find some time for yourself to cultivate gifts and interests.
  • Pray, study, and teach the gospel.

I encourage everyone to read this talk, it was very encouraging and affirming.

Being a mother is great!  Kalyn brings more joy and happiness to our lives than I ever imagined.  It is great that we have the gospel so that we can know how important families are.  My own little family is the best thing ever in my life.

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