Callaway Kite Festival

Just a few days before Labor Day weekend we heard about a big kite festival that takes place about 6 hours from here in Nebraska and decided to go.  We are so glad we went because we had a ton of fun. We camped out the whole time and got to see and fly a ton of kites.  Tim also got a nice break, since he has been frustrated with wind here (there’s either none or way too much).  We plan on making it a tradition to keep going as long as we live close enough.

Callaway itself is a tiny town (if you can even a call a town without any kind of grocery store a “town”) in the middle of farmland in Nebraska.  It’s actually quite a pretty area, even if it was pretty desolate as far as people are concerned. They have got one big thing going for them, though: lots and lots of steady wind.

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