10 Reason Why Tim Is/Will Be A Great Dad

It is Tim’s first father’s day, and to celebrate I thought I’d share what makes Tim a great dad. Here are 10 things, in no particular order.

1. He loves to teach.

Whether it is dancing, using a computer, or another of his talents, Tim really enjoys teaching other people how to do things.  He’s patient and is willing to really help people get things right.  Tim will enjoy teaching our kids all the cool stuff he knows how to do.

2. He loves to learn.

When I have a random thought on the order of I wonder how, why, when, etc., it seems like half the time Tim knows the answer.  If he doesn’t know the answer then he usually looks it up.  Tim is going to be great at encouraging our kids to get excited about learning.

3. He loves me.

President David O. McKay said, “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”  I first heard that quote from Tim when we were talking about how to be a good parents.  Tim loves me and is a great husband.

4. He’s a big kid himself.

Tim loves to play.  He likes to tease and joke around.  I think this is an important attribute for dad to have, because life as a kid is hard and it’s important to be able to joke around.  It’s good to encourage kids to have fun.

5. He enjoys making things.

Tim loves to make stuff, whether it is a shelf or a data collector or an airplane.  Someday he will love to make stuff with kids, whether it is play house or a toy or a fort.  And, those will be the best built forts in the neighborhood. 🙂

6. He’s adventurous.

I’m not adventurous, so it’s great that Tim is.  Tim enjoys visiting places or doing things that I probably wouldn’t do on my own.  Someday Tim is going to have lots of great adventures with our kids.

7. He’s committed to being a good dad.

Tim really wants to be a good dad.  He has often expressed to me that he feels it is the most important thing.  Sometimes it takes practice, but since Tim is committed he will keep working at it until he gets it right.

8. He loves to brag about his baby.

Tim loves to tell everyone how Kalyn is the smartest, cutest baby ever. He really is proud of her and enjoys watching her learn and grow. It is great that he is so involved and so encouraging of her, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

9. He’s patient and forgiving.

Tim is patient where it counts.  When I make a mistake he might tease me, but he never gets angry about it.  If I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed he’s very supportive about it.  Tim is going to be able to deal really well with little kids who are always making mistakes.

10. He’s committed to teaching the gospel.

Tim really wants to teach our kids to love the gospel.  Tim has expressed many times that he feels it his duty to lead our family in the gospel. He also sets a great example in the way he stands firm on what he knows is right.

Tim is great. I love him so much! Happy Father’s Day!

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