Ducky Towel

Kalyn has never become particularly attached to a specific blanket, doll, or stuffed animal. She’s had favorites, but never anything that she had to have to go to bed. So, it is a little funny that in the past couple weeks she has become extremely attached to her “ducky towel.” This particular towel was a shower gift from Marinda (my sister in law) which she made by sewing a hand towel hood onto a bath towel.

Kalyn loves the ducky towel and usually sleeps with it. If she has it she will cry if you try to take it away, even if we are about to leave somewhere. If she sees it when she gets into the bath she usually wants to have it in the bath with her, meaning we now tend it keep it around the corner instead of in the bathroom while she is bathing. She even asked for it in the middle of the night a couple times (before all she has asked for is her pacifier).

In this picture you can see Kalyn sleeping with her head hooded in her ducky towel. When I put her down I just kind of laid it on top of her, so she wrapped it around herself before she went to sleep.

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