Garrett’s Doing Great!

This morning Garrett and I went in for our “Wee Steps” checkup where they weigh him and make sure everything is going good with breastfeeding.  Garrett greatly impressed the nurse as he has already gained back his birth weight and then some.  At birth he was 7lb 11oz, this morning he was 7lb 13.4oz.  He has been a great little eater.

These days Garrett is mostly sleeping and eating, but I’m going to try and get some good pictures one of these times he is awake and looking around. We think he is such a little cutie!

Also, since I’m posting I also just wanted to say how great it was to deliver at the Poudre Valley Hospital.  I made the comment earlier that if the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center is a baby factory, then PVH is a baby retreat! Probably the biggest difference was at UVRMC all the nurses seemed like they had way too much to do, while the nurses here seemed much less rushed and were constantly offering help.  Also, in labor and delivery at UVRMC we went through four different nurses, but at PVH they make a big deal of having a single nurse work with you in each shift. There’s also a lot of smaller stuff, like bigger rooms, better breastfeeding support, a real bed for dads, better meal system, etc.  I also appreciated how they brought all the tests into the room instead of taking the baby away – they really empahsize rooming in with the baby, which is great. I don’t mean to say that UVRMC is a bad hospital, but they are so busy that they emphasize efficiency much more than making things nice for mom.  It was really great to be able to relax and enjoy baby a little more while we were in the hospital.

Kalyn turned 2 on the 18th, but we are waiting to celebrate until all the grandparents are here on the 27th, so you can also expect to hear more about that in the future.

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