A Kite Festival & The National Grasslands

A few weeks ago Fort Collins had a genuine kite festival! It was a big success with lots of people. Tim had a ton of fun and met lots of other kite fliers. Kalyn flew her very first kite, which she made herself. In the video she is trying to make her kite do tricks like Daddy’s.

A couple weeks later we went to the Pawnee National Grasslands. We have never driven around grasslands before… and there was definitely a lot of grass. And cows. And not much else. We were going to do a little hike, but when we got there it was super windy and too cold, so we just took some pictures. We got to see the grasslands, though, which is why we went.

There are also some adorable pictures of my adorable children. Garrett continue to grow and get stronger all the time. He is a happy, active, and alert baby, just like his sister was. Kalyn is learning more and more and enjoys exploring her world. The last couple pictures are from Kalyn trying to put mascara on her face.

I hope you don’t get the idea from our pictures that we let Kalyn run amuck and do whatever she wants. It’s just, when she does something cute I want to preserve it for posterity, and for me because I will probably forget.

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  1. Gramma says:

    Cute pictures! I am so glad that you get to do such fun things with your kids and that you record it for the rest of us as well as yourself. That is the fun way to record your history!!!!

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