Kalyn is Three Months Old

Kalyn is three months old today.  It is so exciting to see her grow and develop. It is kind of fun to do this post each month to show what’s been happening over the past month.

Kalyn loves to suck on her hand.  We have tried to get her to suck on a pacifier instead but she is just not interested.  She gets a look on her face similar to what you would expect from a lemon.  The funniest thing is how loud she is able to slurp while sucking on her hand.

Kalyn is a fabulous night sleeper and pretty much always sleeps through the night.  She continues to hate her naps, though.  She works very hard to stay awake and will do things like shaking her head, rubbing her face with her hands, and keeping her eyes open as wide as they can go to stay awake during the day.  Sometimes I wish I could explain to her that if she just went ahead and took a nap that she would feel so much better when she wakes up, but for now I just try to help her nap when she needs it.

Kalyn is getting very active. She is great at holding up her head and is starting to enjoy tummy time.  She rolled over several times the other day (from her tummy to her back) but she hasn’t done it again since that day.  She loves to smile and kick her legs when we talk to her.

Kalyn is also starting to play with toys, where “play” means “grab and try to put in mouth.”  It is fun to see her interacting with things and working on her hand-eye coordination.  There is a lamaze brand butterfly toy that has little knots that are easy for her to grab that we like to carry around.

We love Kalyn, she is wonderful and it is so much fun to see her grow and learn.

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  1. M&M says:

    She is so cute! We loved seeing her on Friday…

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