A Lefty

A couple weeks ago I noticed that Kalyn was coloring with her left hand. Since then I have been watching carefully to see what hand she uses, and every time she has used her left hand for coloring or eating or any one handed task. So, we are thinking that Kalyn is probably left handed. I cannot remember any of Kalyn’s relatives on either side being left handed, but maybe you can think of someone?

We are excited to find out yet another thing that makes Kalyn special. 🙂 Of course, she would be special to us no matter what.

3 Responses to A Lefty

  1. Gramma says:

    The only relative that I can think of as being left handed is Uncle Daryle, your Grampa’s brother. She is going to do great no matter which hand she favors. She is not only a beautiful, darling little girl but a very smart one too. Give her hugs and kisses from this Gramma! Love you!

  2. Marinda says:

    Me – but I don’t think I count in the genetics game:)

  3. Grndpa Brad says:

    My brother Darrell is a lefty

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