A Few Cute Stories

Kalyn said a lot of adorable things today, so I thought I would share.

After lunch today I was burping Garrett when Kalyn asked if she could help. Her way of helping was to get in his face, look in his eyes, and command, “Burp Baby Garrett!”

We went to a singing/play group this morning at the church (not an official activity, but a get together for the moms and some of the preschool aged kids). Kalyn was getting a little bored so she stood up to the podium and yelled, “Everybody! Everbody stop singing! I need to talk for a minute!”

Tonight we went to a trick or treat at The Farm here in Fort Collins. They had a bunch of wooden booths with doors where the volunteers would open the door and give out candy. She enjoyed interacting with the volunteers even more than getting the candy. She would ask, “What are you?” (They were all dressed up.) Or, she would say, “I’m a butterfly.” Or she might make some observation about their booth, such as “You’re wearing a pumpkin,” or “You’re standing in the grass.” It was a little rainy and cold and crowded, but she had a blast.

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