Kalyn’s Pacifier

We decided we really wanted to get a new digital camera that can make quality videos.  So we got a new camera that also records high quality videos.  We’ve mentioned quite a bit that the baby will suck on anything but a pacifier.  Katie today make a few videos, and then a few more, and then decided to edit them. . . and well. . . it kind of got out of hand.  Hope you enjoy it!

If you’d like a larger, high quality version you can right click and save it here.

2 Responses to Kalyn’s Pacifier

  1. Katie says:

    Just FYI: That is a special pacifier that is extra soft so it’s supposed to be like a nipple. This is the third type of pacifier we have tried. She likes this one the best by far–the others she won’t even let in her mouth.

    Every now and again I go through this to see if she will take it, just this time I had a camera. 🙂

    90% of what I read and hear says I shouldn’t worry too much about thumb sucking yet (that it’s not a problem until they’re a lot older), but it is the other 10% that says she is going to have dental problems for life if I don’t prevent the habit that motivates me to keep trying.

  2. Rita says:

    Awww… Thanks for posting the video. If I would have had a video camera 20 years ago, I could show the same results with my daughter =)

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