4 Months Old

Kalyn turned 4 months old yesterday.  She is growing fast and getting so active.

Over the past Kalyn has gotten a lot better at grabbing things.  She seems to really enjoying playing with colorful scaps of fabric or blankets, since they are easier for her to grab and manipulate.  Of course, everything goes straight to her mouth.

Over the past few days Kalyn has also been doing more with her feet.  She’s always loved to kick, but now she seems to be trying to move her feet to do specific things rather than random flailings.

She also has been experimenting with lots of new noises.  For about a week her favorite noise was a high pitched screeching, which she used when she was tired, bored, happy, hungry, or just wanting to make noise.  Luckily she seems to have decided she has liked blowing and buzzing with her lips better.

She is starting to laugh as well.  She laughs at mom and dad when they do silly things like tickle her, make funny noises, wave their arms around, or sneeze.  It is so cute!  She’s a very smiley baby and now freely smiles at all kinds of people.

Kalyn also is starting to get bored more easily.  She is likely to start squawking when she has been sitting in the same spot for a while.  Luckily, it’s pretty easy to entertain her, by doing things like putting her where she can see me move around, or give her a blanket or kerchief to play with, or giving her a toy to play with.

This past month we have been going to Book Babies at the local library.  She is one of the younger babies there, but not the youngest.  She seems to mostly enjoy watching all the other older kids move about.  It also helps inspire me to read to her more often.

She’s gotten better at taking naps, but I must admit her night sleeping is not as great as it used to be.  She’s more likely to have her night sleep disrupted by changes in her routine.  From what I’ve heard, though, this is pretty normal for a four month old.

Kalyn is so much fun to have around.  It is great to have her interacting with us more.  She is such a joy!

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