5 Months Old

Kalyn turned 5 months almost two weeks ago.  It was the day we left for Oregon, and while I really wanted to get a post out, I was just too busy with packing and getting out the door.

In the past month Kalyn has gotten really mobile.  She moves all around the room by rolling over both ways.  She also has started using pincer movements to pick things up.  Her hand eye coordination is getting better all the time.

Her eyes are definitely not going to be blue.  I’m a little sad, because I was really rooting for blue eyes.  We’re not sure what they’ll end up, though.  Right now they are a dark gray-green-blue.  I’ve heard everything from 8 months to 3 years as to when babies eyes finally settle, so we will see.

Kalyn loves to suck on everything.  It is amazing to me how determined she gets to get things and suck on them.  When she sees something she gets a very determined look on her face and then proceeds to do everything in her power to get that item into her mouth.  She will go to great acrobatic lengths and it is often difficult to keep something out of her reach despite the fact that she can neither crawl nor walk.

Kalyn is not sleeping well.  Vacations don’t help, and she has trouble sleeping through the night.  It’s a little frustrating since she used to be such a great night sleeper.  We’re working on it.  All babies are different, so it is frustrating sometimes to hear other people talk about what they have done that works and then have it not work at all.

In the picture below I kept trying to take pictures of her, but the kept coming out blurry because she wouldn’t sit still.  The toy is my attempt to help her keep her arms in one place, but it still came out a little blurry.

Kalyn is so much fun.  We love her and enjoy watching her grow.

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