July 4

This year for our July 4 we went up to Cheyenne to launch our own fireworks at their “safe shoot site.” With super dry weather, fireworks are illegal in Fort Collins and most of Colorado.

Once we got there we soon realized we were in for a long wait, as there was a super long line to get to the various shoot sites on the field. I ended up taking the kids back to the car where they could comfortably sit and watch for a while until Tim got closer to the front of the line. We ended up waiting about three hours until we could get in and launch some fireworks.

The wait wasn’t that bad, though, since we got to watch an entire field full of people’s fireworks for that entire time. The kids did really well and we had a lot of fun. We would most likely do it again, particularly since we would probably end up waiting a similar amount of time if we left early enough to get a halfway decent spot to watch the city’s fireworks. If we did it again, though, we would probably leave earlier to try and get closer to the front of the line and bring more stuff to do while we wait. Overall, we got to watch a lot more fireworks without having to worry about losing our kids in massive crowds of people or having to deal with post-fireworks traffic.

There are two pictures of the line – one shortly after we got there and another one when we finally got to the front. In both pictures the line is about the same length, since a lot of people kept showing up throughout the night. I have no idea how late they were there – it was close to midnight when we finally left. Our only complaint is things seemed a little disorganized, which contributed to how slow the line moved, although in their defense they did have much bigger turnout than they expected.

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