Six Months Old

Kalyn is six months old today.  It is amazing how fast time goes by!

She is still a very active baby.  She loves to explore her world.  She is very good at getting around by rolling.  She also is now also able to scoot forward.

Kalyn also is great at grabbing things.  She is able to pick up both big and small things, which means I really have to be on the watch when she is rolling about.  She can do both the whole fist grip and the pincer grip with her thumb and pointer finger.

She loves people.  She enjoys watching people and interacting with them.  She is usually quite happy around large groups of people, especially if they are giving her their attention.

She also is starting to babble quite a bit.  Her cute little baby noises are fun.  She also likes to make a high pitched screechy noise quite a bit.  It is cute, but can be a problem when we’re in church or somewhere where people might not find her noises quite so cute.

Kalyn is also getting better at sleeping again.  Yea!  She takes two regular naps each day and goes to bed with just a little fussing. She still wakes up a couple time, but the length of time between waking keeps getting longer (except when we’re not at home, but she still did pretty good this past weekend at Grandma Panike’s house).

Kalyn also has been eating solid food.  She loves rice cereal, and just today she ate oatmeal for the first time and really likes that.  She has hated everything else we feed her, which includes peas, carrots, peaches, and apples.  It is quite funny to see her face when you try to slip a little bit of fruit or vegetables in with her cereal.  We’ll keep trying, though.

Kalyn enjoys exploring all kind of things. It is funny that she will put just about anything in her mouth except for fruits and vegetables.  Today we let her play in the grass for a little bit and while she was a little unsure at first she started to put her fingers through the grass and look around.  She is always very determined in her explorations and doesn’t give up easily when she’s got it in her head to go get something.

We are looking forward to Kalyn continuing to grow and develop.  She is so much fun and so cute to see!

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