Rat update!

So it turns out that “Ratty” was a girl rat… luckily Garrett is young enough that he was perfectly OK to pull a swap as he didn’t want a girl rat anyway. So we now have “Blacky” the dark grey rat, and “Playful” the light grey rat.

The pet store was able to just swap them from the same batch of rats at the store. So they were together at the store before we got them anyway. They are the same age and size, and seem to be getting along fine so far.

New Addition(s) to the Wessman House

Today we brought home two new baby rats, one for each kid. We have been talking about getting pet rats for a long time, and we finally decided go through with it. Our kids have been begging for pets for a while, and I think it will be really good for them to have something to care for and play with. Rats are great because they are so friendly and playful, while not requiring the same level of care that a larger animal like a dog needs.

The video is of the first time we got the rats out at home. We held them at the store as well. The video also includes the kids deciding what they wanted to name their rats. Later we took some pictures of each kid holding his or her rat, as well as the rats climbing on Mom and Dad. In the pictures with me, I’m not scared of the rats, I was just surprised with how incredibly ticklish it was. I couldn’t stop laughing.

More assorted fun

There are lots more things lately.

Katie was sick off and on for 2-3 weeks, so the kids got to hang out with Daddy in Boulder, and at the park, and do lots of fun things such as play in the backyard and catch snakes.



Much fun was had by all.


July 4

This year for our July 4 we went up to Cheyenne to launch our own fireworks at their “safe shoot site.” With super dry weather, fireworks are illegal in Fort Collins and most of Colorado.

Once we got there we soon realized we were in for a long wait, as there was a super long line to get to the various shoot sites on the field. I ended up taking the kids back to the car where they could comfortably sit and watch for a while until Tim got closer to the front of the line. We ended up waiting about three hours until we could get in and launch some fireworks.

The wait wasn’t that bad, though, since we got to watch an entire field full of people’s fireworks for that entire time. The kids did really well and we had a lot of fun. We would most likely do it again, particularly since we would probably end up waiting a similar amount of time if we left early enough to get a halfway decent spot to watch the city’s fireworks. If we did it again, though, we would probably leave earlier to try and get closer to the front of the line and bring more stuff to do while we wait. Overall, we got to watch a lot more fireworks without having to worry about losing our kids in massive crowds of people or having to deal with post-fireworks traffic.

There are two pictures of the line – one shortly after we got there and another one when we finally got to the front. In both pictures the line is about the same length, since a lot of people kept showing up throughout the night. I have no idea how late they were there – it was close to midnight when we finally left. Our only complaint is things seemed a little disorganized, which contributed to how slow the line moved, although in their defense they did have much bigger turnout than they expected.


In May we took a trip to Yellowstone, but we haven’t gotten around to posting pics until now. We went early so we could avoid the huge crowds, but the weather didn’t totally cooperate. We still had fun and did not get eaten by any bears.




Kalyn and Garrett had fun sliding down this pile of snow in their rain jackets. It only snowed a little bit while we were there, so this was just what hadn’t melted yet.



We stopped at Big Jud’s and shared this gigantic hamburger for lunch.

P1010472 P1010475 P1010487 x


We finally got some snow!


When there’s snow on the ground the kids like to get in their snow gear and go play in the backyard.


Or sometimes help Daddy shovel the snow.

P1010047 P1010033 P1010054


Sometimes they even work together.

It’s been a very dry year so we can use all the snow we can get!



It was birthday time this month at our house. We had a birthday party at Bounce with some friends from the ward.


The two birthday kids shared their birthday party.




They both enjoyed hurling themselves down the various slides.



We had our own table with balloons and friends.



Everybody got to blow out a candle.

We also had a family dinner where we had shrimp and stawberries – the two foods requested by the birthday kids.

Happy Birthday, kiddos!

It’s been a busy couple months at our house. We have been doing all sorts of things.  P1000009

We visited an indoor jungle.


We looked at Jupiter and four Galilean moons.


We checked out the new museum.


We made some music.


We (some of us, at least) slept in a tent.


We looked at Christmas lights with cousins.


We climbed some red rocks.


We went on a hike in the snow.


We opened presents.


We played in a train.


We went on a “trike” ride.


We made friends with a duck.


And after all that we were super tired and got some rest.


One of the things we like to do when we want to get outside, but don’t have the time or energy for a full camping trip, is go to Lory State Park and have a campfire dinner. This last time we went we also went on a little hike on one of the trails near the fire spot. We didn’t go too far, but Garrett ran pretty much the whole way.


Kalyn continues to love all things that creep and crawl. In this video you can see a garter snake that Kalyn caught herself, then stuck in a bucket until Daddy came home. This is not in the video, but a few days earlier Kalyn caught 2 garter snakes at once – one in each hand. Unfortunately, we did not get any pictures of that event. You can also see the gigantic worm that Kalyn found while we were working in the garden. As far as Kalyn is concerned, finding worms is the best part of having a garden.