Two Months Old

Kalyn turned two months old this week. She is growing fast and learning a lot.

Right now Kalyn is working hard at learning how to move her arms and legs.  She is reaching for things, but not quite getting there yet.  She loves to sit and kick her legs and move her arms when she is happy.

The thing Kalyn hates the most right now is sleeping.  She sleeps great at night, but as long as there is anything to look at she will fight as hard as she can to keep her eyes open.  It is often difficult to get her to take naps during the day, although we are doing better than we were.  It is great to see that she has so much joy at just looking at things that she doesn’t want to stop.

She also has been working hard at developing the strength to hold up her head.  Often when I will hold her on my shoulder she will refuse to lean against me, as she wants to keep her head up and looking around.  She’s not too excited about tummy time, but if we sit with her she will tolerate it for a little while.

One of Kalyn’s favorite things to watch is the fish.  This isn’t really new, but it continues to be a favorite activity.  Yesterday we went to the pet store to get some plecostomus and she seemed to be fascinated by so many fish.

Kalyn is so much fun, we are very happy she is with us.

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