Pikes Peak Camping Trip

This past weekend we did a two night trip down to Colorado Springs. We stayed the first night at Mueller State Park, at a camp site with stunning views of Pikes Peak.

The next day we first made a short stop at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. The most exciting feature of the monument are the petrified redwood tree stumps. Interesting, but a short stop.

Then we drove up to the top of Pikes Peak. We have already driven up to the top of Rocky Mountain National Park, so that was what we were comparing it to. Rocky Mountain National Park is a much more safe-feeling road with only a few spots of sheer dropoffs and more gradual climb. Pikes Peak is an extremely steep drive with some rather scary dropoffs most of the way. However, Pikes Peak definitely wins in the scenic views department. The view from Pikes Peak is amazing. I had a harder time with the altitude on Pikes Peak, but Tim and both kids did just fine with it. I found the facilities at the top of the mountain lacking, but we may have hit a particularly busy point with a load from the train.

That evening we headed to Garden of the Gods and took a walk around that area. We both thought it was a lovely place to visit. Kalyn had a blast climbing (safely, we didn’t let her climb up any cliffs) on the rocks and could have spent several hours just exploring the area. There was one rock with a split that was just big enough for Kalyn to comfortably walk through. A lot of people had fun watching her climb through the little tunnel.

That night we camped at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, which also had some nice views, but nowhere near as lovely as Mueller State Park. The campground is next to Cheyenne Mountain, which is the home of NORAD, and the theoretical home of Stargate Command. 🙂 It’s a pretty young campground (only a couple years old) and sorely lacking in shade, but we were pleased with the facilities.

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