Summer Living

We haven’t updated for a while, but we’re still keeping busy! Here are a collection of video and pictures wherein we:

  • Have dinner and do a short “hike” to a waterfall in Lory State Park (just outside of Fort Collins).
  • Visit downtown Boulder and play in the water fountains there. (In the video Kalyn gets squirted in the face, poor thing!)
  • Do another short hike in Lory State Park, where Kalyn get very excited about some grasshoppers.
  • Hang out at home together.
  • Visit and work in our garden.

We also just got back from another short camping trip to a local lake, but on that trip we managed to forget about half of what we needed, including the camera (and all our clothes and Mom and Dad’s sleeping bags). So, we only have a few pictures from the cell phone from that one, and I don’t know how to import those yet.

Garrett is getting super busy. He may be the grabbiest baby I have ever seen, and it is difficult to do anything while holding him. Just a minute ago I had to put him down because he kept trying to grab my mouse. He is crawling all over using his army crawl. However, he pushes up on his legs quite a bit so he might actually learn to do a more traditional crawl, as opposed to Kalyn who learned to walk before she stopped doing her army crawl.

2 Responses to Summer Living

  1. Gramma says:

    Thanks for the updates! The kids are growing up so fast! Looks like you have lots of fun with them. I was really excited to see what you are doing with quilt blocks! Be sure to post the finished item. They look beautiful.
    Love you,

  2. Michelle says:

    Good job Kalyn on the grasshopper catching! There’s something so irresistible to kids about bugs- perhaps because of the sounds their mother’s make! And nice baby wearing Katie!

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