Our Trip to Oregon

Last week we traveled to the Oregon Coast with Tim’s family.  Tim’s parents rented a beach house in Newport as a gift for last Christmas.  It was a wonderful trip and lots of fun.

The best things about the Oregon Coast are, in my opinion, the cool weather, the beautiful scenery, and fresh seafood.  While we were there we enjoyed all three of these as much as we could.  I love fish at any time, and being able to get such fresh fish and crab was a real treat.

Some highlights of the trip were visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium, where Kalyn enjoyed seeing the fish.  We saw quite a variety of interesting fish, sea life, and birds.  We also got to pet a ray and several starfish.

Also, we really enjoyed the Cape Perpetua scenic area.  The tidal pools there were the best of all we visited, and the views there are fabulous.  The highest point along the coast you can reach by car is at Cape Perpetua and you could see beautiful beach views for many miles on the coast.

We also went with Kaye and Mike and Marinda on a boat tour on the ocean to spot marine life. We were able to seem some beautiful coastal views as well.  We spotted a huge school of fish as well and two whales.  It is not the migration season for whales, so getting to spot a couple of the “resident” whales was a real treat.  Tim didn’t enjoy this as much as I did, but Tim doesn’t share my love of riding on boats.  🙂

I must say, though, that I was not prepared for how much work it is to go on vacation with a baby!  Especially a baby who does not seem able to sleep hardly at all in a strange house.  We had fun anyway and next time I will be better prepared.

Tim and I have both loved the Oregon coast since we drove highway 101 on our honeymoon.  We very much enjoyed this trip as well with all of Tim’s family. My mom was also able to come up and spend Friday with us, as we were not able to visit Redding as we had originally planned.

On the way out and in we stopped to visit with my Grandma and Grandpa Panike.  They enjoyed seeing the baby and we enjoyed the visit.

Unfortunately, both Kalyn and I had a cold on the way back, which made for a pretty miserable ride home.  Everyone should give Tim a pat on the pack for driving all but 1 hour of a 15 hour drive by himself.  Yea for Tim!

The first gallery contains pictures of us at some of our favorite events on the trip.  The second gallery contains pictures of the most beautiful places we visited, including views from Cape Perpetua, views of Devil’s Punch Bowl and surfers on Beverly Beach, and views of the coast during our boat tour.

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