Crazy Times at the Wessman House

The past couple months at our house have been , as the title suggests, pretty crazy.

First, little Piper was born! She has been such a joy for us to have. She has been growing like a weed and keeping Mom busy (and tired). She has her two month checkup the week after next so we will let you know the stats then.

Second, Kalyn started going to the public kindergarten. I will make another post about why in a bit.

The first week of kindergarten Kalyn seemed to catch, and bring home, every sickness she missed out on by homeschooling for a semester (not that she avoided sicknesses then, either, as she still brought plenty home from her options class). For a couple weeks there we all were pretty sick. We still have some lingering effects a good month later.

We are selling our house! It all happened a lot faster than we had originally planned, which meant completely re-organizing the house and super-cleaning it top to bottom in about a week and half. Then, once the house was clean, we have kept it clean as we have showings coming through all the time. The keeping it clean has been much easier than we anticipated – I think it is having to be out somewhere all the time is the hardest part.

Since we have to be out of the house for showings, and Saturday is usually the busiest day for showings, we have gone down to Denver almost every Saturday to do fun things as a family. We went to the Denver Science Museum, and the zoo, and visited Tim’s aunt and uncle. We also went up to Estes Park once, which was a fascinating drive as it was our first time driving up the canyon since the floods last fall.

We also had birthdays! Kalyn turned 6 and Garrett turned 4. We kept celebrations pretty simple and we plan to have some kind of party once the house stuff is figured out.

So, yes, it has been two crazy busy months. Any one of these events would have been big thing, but all together it has been a bit of a ride. Still, we have been very blessed through all of it and I feel like things have actually been a lot better in a lot of ways than we would have been without it happening the way it has. The house stuff has helped me have something to focus on as I learn how to take care of three kids instead of two. We have spent a lot of time having fun together as a family, which has also been a blessing. And, good things are on the horizon! It’s been crazy but I wouldn’t change any of it.


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