Fun in Weiser

This past weekend we were able to visit with lots of family in Weiser, Idaho.  We stayed with my grandparents, Fern and Bud Panike.  We also were able to visit with my dad, Rita, Ben, Anna, Eliza, as well as Uncle Chris, Aunt Linda, Uncle Greg, and Aunt Connie.  It was fun seeing everybody and visiting.  It has been a very long time since I got to visit with both of my siblings who are around (my other brother Erick is coming home from his mission next month!) and I got to meet Anna, my brother’s girlfriend, and Rita, my dad’s girlfriend.  I guess technically I have “met” Anna before (they’ve been dating for years) but not spend any time together. It was great to just hang out and visit.  Kalyn, of course, was the life of the party.

The last few pictures are of Shoshone Falls, which we stopped to see on our way to visit Tim’s sister Rebekah and her husband Lance.  We were able to have dinner and spend the night with them, which was fun and made the drive home easier on us and the baby.

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