Eight Months Old

Kalyn is eight months old today! And since I missed last month (we were in Redding for Uncle Erick’s homecoming) I have a lot to catch up on.

Kalyn has become much more mobile.  Not only is she “crawling” all over the place, she also has learned to climb up on things.  She likes to climb up on shelves, the couch, chairs–anything that is the right height for her to reach.  She has trouble getting down, though, and will often stand in the same spot she climbed up and squawk until I come help her get back down.  Over the past couple days, though, she has started to get down by herself.  I’m trying to encourage her to walk along the furniture after she climbs up, but that is still a ways away for her yet.

Kalyn loves baby cereal.  Any other kind of food she may or may not eat.  Some days she will eat the whole thing at once, other times she will refuse to eat it at all.  It is funny because she spends the rest of her time put everything she can find into her mouth, but when it come to fruits and vegetables she is actually picky.  She also really loves to drink water, but doesn’t really like juice much.

Kalyn is very vocal now and babbles all the time.  She really likes to say “da da da da da.”  We try to get her to say “Daddy” but without success.  She does, however, talk with other people.  When she is trying to get someone’s attention, especially strangers, she will make a short high pitched squeal, just like as if she said “hi” without the “h.”  She loves to get people to talk back to her.

She doesn’t have any teeth yet.  Tim didn’t get his first tooth, I am told, until he was 10 months old, if I remember right.  I got my first tooth at 6 months old.  So, she’s still taking after her daddy.

She is starting to get nervous of strangers.  She is very outgoing when she is sure mom and dad are near, but if we leave her she sometimes gets upset.  She likes to know where we are.

She LOVES to watch other little kids run around.  And she LOVES to watch animals.  She gets so excited!  She will wave her arms about and squeal with delight.  Often when I am out running errands she will see another baby about her age will get very excited and will start squealing at the other baby.  If there are a ton of kids, she does sometimes get a little overwhelmed and will not be so outgoing.  But there is no question: she likes to make friends.

Kalyn is very busy.  She is constantly searching out new things to play with and taste.  She has many toys and will play with them for a little while, but ultimately she is much more interested in anything new or different.  Or keys.  She still LOVES keys. She also loves paper, but since her first objective is to tear off little pieces that she can eat she doesn’t get to play with paper very much.

It is so fun seeing her get so big.  It’s so amazing that a baby that starts so small can grow up so much!  We love watching her explore her world and discover new things.

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